August 2010 Thread

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Sep 24, 2009
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It's August!

Hanabi season is here! I will have to find and post an English Hanabi schedule for this month.

Good Monday morning to those passing through! It is already too hot this morning and it's not even 9am yet. You would think after being here for a few years, I would have gotten used this heat. Then again, last summer was cooler than this year.

I'm off to find some coffee and then sort through my obese inbox!

Morning Karen!

I haven't left the comfort of my home air conditioning yet, heh. I will have to leave soon, though. The heat has been more intense this year it seems. When I was younger, I had an 'outside' job where I had to work in the heat and cold. It was a fun job when I was younger, I couldn't do it now though!

We will be whining about the cold soon enough! I prefer the October-November time frame in Tokyo, that's the best season for temps in my opinion.

Have a good day, don't work too hard!

You know it's hot when you are dripping with sweat after only standing outside for 5 minutes or less. I walked with some coworkers to a lunch spot about 6-7 minutes away from the main office. By the time I got there, I felt like I had taken a shower in sweat. I really want to just go home and take a shower because I feel really crappy after going and coming back.

The lunch was worth it, though. I don't even mind staying late at work today, just to avoid the the crowded trains and heat.

Had a great weekend but not much real action to report on. Got a new SLR camera on Saturday and spent some time on Sunday doing some test shooting with it. I'm usually a Canon kind of guy, I opted for a Nikon this time around. The pictures with this new camera look richer than my previous 6 megapixel digital SLR. Didn't really take any phots worth bragging about, going to go out again and try for some really good shots.

This heat really takes my patience away for getting setup for some really nice planned shooting so most of what I get is random.

Nothing much else planned for this weekend except hanging with buds of mine in Shibuya on Wednesday. No idea what the weekend holds just yet. I am toying with planning a trip to Guam in September, probably will do some research on some package deals.

Stay cool people...
Late Wednesday afternoon all~~~~~ :)

Been torn away from my PC almost all day long!

Just checking in and catching up on personal stuff!

So I have been working on this project at work and as usual, there is this resistance from key people that I need to involve to get certain pieces of information. Even if the senior management has approved the project and the necessary releases of data to accomplish the goal, the other departments still put up a fight. I recently asked for a data definition file from one of main databases, since the project I'm working on interacts with some of the same pieces of information stored currently in the target data structure.

The last six working days have been spent having these pointless meeting providing documentation to other departments to give them a clearer understanding of what our goal is. Today, I got another email asking for another meeting since the manager of one department does not understand the technical details of the project. At this point, I'm banging my head against my desk trying to figure out how to make this work...

Why are these Japanese companies so keen on being productive but yet operate so inefficiently internally???

Actual project work should have begun on Monday and now I'm already in the red budget wise because the budgeted planning hours have already been burned with these pointless meetings that never produce any results. GAHHHH!
Everyone must be busy lately!

It's not slow for me either, cheers all.

I have been just too busy to do much of anything, we do have holidays next week so I will get some relief then.

The last few days, we have really been burning the midnight oil at work....

An Exhausted Karen...........
Who's back from Obon holidays today?

I came back late yesterday, just starting to get my motivation back to work again.

It was nice to be away from everything, including cell phones & internet. Disconnection is good for the soul!

My mind is still stuck on last Friday. :)

Actually didn't get back until tonight, decided to stay away awhile longer since I didn't really need to be back in Tokyo right away today.

Real tired right now, so of to bed and I'll see you tomorrow!

I think I can safely speak for all of us....


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