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Dec 22, 2011
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Hi, its sounds a way off TAG posts...
any way it might work.
Since I'm planning for a trip to Australia soon (Sydney and Melbourne) and I guess many オーストラリア人 are here around.
I'm wandering if you can suggest
1 - good web site similar to TAG for those places;)
2 - a good link for renting apartment etc...
It's legal and regulated in most states, certainly NSW and Victoria. You'll have no problem finding brothels as well as nude rub and tug massage salons. The tabloid newspapers are a good start. Call, check the prices, number of women and their age group. A lot of workers are university students.

Service is standard across the industry. When you arrive you'll be shown to a waiting area/room and the girls will come in to you one by one, or in larger places line up. Choose the girl you like. In the room you pay, then shower and play.

There are delivery services but the quality can suffer.

This is a place in Sydney that provides typical good service.
Cheaper than that and you will get lesser quality rooms and the woman may not be so nice.