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Sep 11, 2013
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i dont know how i found out this site but i did!!!
damn!!!! just want to share you GM's(Gentle Maniacs) out there who have this fantasies meeting an AV actress.
(i can not guarantee if these places are hakujin ok or not but what the hell )


page 10 megumi haruka wooooooooohhhhh~
I am not sure I get this obsession with AV girls. If a girl decides to make an AV movie, does the experience suddenly change for you? I guess for some it does.
Fwiw, "Erika" from AM has made AV movies, so if the thought of getting it on with an AV actress turns you on, book her.

It is really a mind game, imho.
i cant talk for the rest of guys here but for me
having sex with an AV actress isnt all about the PSE etc.
it more like getting a chance to have sex with a star(yes it may sound over rated) or a famous person.
it adds up a diffrnt thrill to the whole experience. especially if you get to have sex with a recent av actress
not just an av actress who did some av a few years ago but a present av actress who you can watch in the internet during your day off and just think that.. damn... i did that girl : D