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Jan 5, 2014
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Hi, this topic has been talked about before (here, at least). Various websites and agencies, offer 'photo shoots' (or video shoots) with AV stars. Sites such as http://www.news-pro.net/satsueikai/ or http://supercute-tokyo.com/top.html which in the past even offered a session with my favourite star uchida mayu 内田真由 http://supercute-tokyo.com/model/1101/UchidaMayu/UchidaMayu.php
How do these sessions work? Are they open to non japanese? If anyone knows or can find out it would be an interesting information.

thank you
It depends on the shoot and the site. From what I've read they have some that are group shoots - where you stand on risers with a bunch of other guys and take pictures - and solo shoots, where you get a certain amount of time in a room with just you to take pictures. I think the latter is obviously better because you get to take the specific pictures you want to take of the girl.

I would assume that foreigners are okay, as long as they speak nearly-fluent Japanese, and if you do I'd just call the place to confirm that it's okay before making a reservation.
Based on a friend of mine's account, you make a reservation first. You travel to a rendezvous point at a designated time. You pay in advance, and a session starts. One session is basically less than one hour, about 50 minutes. You can bring your own camera, or in some cases they rent equipment for free. Nude and one-to-one options are more expensive. It's just shooting. You are not allowed to touch women there. You can posture the model of your choice.

My friend told me it's really worthwhile. "The girl in my favorite movies was right in front of me ...I was so excited!" said he.

I think just the basic Japanese would be enough.
That's really interesting. On supercute, the site I linked above there's even a top star like Elly Akira (50.000 for an hour). Too expensive for me, but interesting.