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Ayaka-japanese Wife Delivery Health In Ikebukuro

John Munch

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May 12, 2013
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Date: January 2014 (evening)
Provider: Ayaka Kikuchi (菊池彩花),
Contact Info: 03-5944-8561, 
Type: Wife Delivery Health
Location: Ikebukuro Central Hotel,
Language Specifics: The operator guy says they are fine with non-Japanese customers as long as their Japanese is fluent. Girl only spoke Japanese.
Session Length/Fee: 60 minutes/ 15,000 + 2,700 love hotel (90 minutes)
Physical Description: Same girl as in the pictures, but slimmer in real life. Was wearing the same underwear as in the pictures. Website says she is 38 years old, I didn't ask her but it sounds believable to me.
Details: I was in the mood for trying something new and decided to try wife delivery health (人妻デリヘル). I called several agencies in Ikebukuro, most of which were happy to accept gaijins fluent in Japanese. Once I ordered the girl I checked into the hotel, called back to the agency and 10-12 minutes later she was in my room. We did a fair bit of foreplay slowly peeling off her skirt, stockings etc., then we went to the shower. She slowly cleaned my friend while kissing me. Once in bed it was all BBBJ. She had really good technique, and halfway through our date I popped in her mouth. After relaxing and small-talking I asked what other services were available. She said she brought some oil, and she used that to work my friend until I popped a 2nd time. She was a charming lady, not too chatty but not too quiet either, and had that great, sexy way of looking at you. I didn't ask about FS, and it didn't feel like that was on the table anyway.
Recommendation: Yes, if you are looking for a good wife delivery experience and don't mind the lack of FS.