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Jun 30, 2014
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For those looking for a nice polite staff with no cigarette smell as you come in the door and who gives good massages in Kabukicho near Shinjuku try Asian Relax. I have been too several others but for by far Asian Relax is the Best. Just a heads up they have mirrors on the wall and is good for the view for conversation and eye candy. :) Was there last Thursday evening with too much of a tight shoulder & lower back to go any further w/o a massage. Got there staff greeted me and I had selected Ayumi (http://www.asian-feeling.net/castdisp_relax.aspx?id=135). They had to call their sister shop Asian Feeling just around the corner to have her come. In the mean changed and staff brought liquid refreshments. Ayumi is very sweet bubbly individual and KNOWS how to give a great massage with a special technique with the happy ending :p:p that you have to try to enjoy and appreciate. Left with rubbery legs and shoulders from the looseness she provided. I noticed most go for the 60 minutes or so, but I opt for the 120 minute oil massage to make it worth while and it is & was worth. Next time I am in the area plan to make another visit with Ayumi. If you have any recommendations please provide them. I am game to try them all. :) They have a website. Just do a Google search. Here are the directions:

In Shinjuku station, please go to EAST EXIT (JR Line).
And if you appear on the ground, walk straight to the Kabukicho area.

After 1~2 minutes, you can find big road (Yasukuni St.).
Please across the pedestrian crossing, and enter left side-street (Ichiban-gai).

From Ichiban-gai entrance to ASIAN RELAX it takes only one minute, you can find a big promotion board with [FONT=MS ゴシック]“[/FONT]ASIAN[FONT=MS ゴシック] [/FONT]RELAX[FONT=MS ゴシック]” [/FONT]on the left side.

I know this post was a while ago but I've followed directions and the store is still there and so is AYUMI :)
Your reive was great. She is a little trooper when it comes to massages, strong in the hands and applied the right pressure to heal an aching tourist that's spent far too many hours wandering the sites and streets of tokyo.
I even showed her this thread and she was tickled pink to see her name online and deprived mongers singing her praises :)
Will definitely return for another session before the week is out.
Thanks for a great review, definitely RTF..
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Jul 17, 2012
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Hi, thanks for the good info. Since this is a new review, I'm creating a separate thread from the old Massages with Happy Endings thread. Any new experience with a provider should have a separate thread. Thanks.