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    Date/Time : July 27, 8PM

    Age: 33 ( according to her)
    Height : 5 ft
    Weight : ???
    Body Type : Slim and Natural

    Y 25,000 (90 mins + 1,ooo Yen first time charge)
    Recommendation : Yes! Highly skilled. But unlisted.


    Hello fellas! I'm back. As promised here are some of my pending reviews.
    First off. I actually wasn't supposed to go for a massage but another provider cancelled on me last minute.
    I won't name the agency out of respect to them.

    Setup and Meeting

    Sister site of Japan Fetish Femdom Club. You fill up a form and when you receive the email reply you can call em.

    Few words of advice: Call early. It will save you alot of time.

    At peak hours they will have only a few operators and I could hear the phones ringing nonstop when talking to the agent.
    He/she will run you through the usual disclaimer. (No BJ, FS, touching). Its funny how they sound like an automated response.

    Being a busy weekend, they said my first 2 choices were unavailable and they would send someone over.
    Feeling Yoloish, I decided what the heck!

    Brief Physical Description

    Nice body for her age which she said was 33. But this is a Japanese woman (they defy Father Time!)
    Natural breast (B-Cup) She let me touch em.
    Cool personality. I was relaxed with her. The no-touch policy is exaggerated at times.
    But ask permission first and ask nicely.

    She had short brown hair! Plus points!
    Face is normal to above average. I wouldn't expect this "face type" in this biz! But that's not a bad thing!

    Shower and Main Event

    Great shower skills. Cleaned me thoroughly. Skilled with her hands! Haha!
    I didn't dare touch her. She gave me lots of kisses and strokes.
    Quick yet gentle. Methodical but thoughtful.

    I will say this. One of the best "special massages" I got. Guys try to ask for dry orgasm in advance. She did facesitting (underwear on, topless) on me and let me touch her hips and waist.
    I came once already with her breast rubbing and grip. I throbbed the 2nd time but nothing came out.
    I was like "WTF!!!" this is a new feeling!?!? Haha! I didn't know us guys can orgasm like this. The sensation was hard to explain.


    After the whole session is over, we had some 15 min extra time. We cuddled and talked to her about simple stuff: weather, how long has she been doing this. (She used to escort but stopped)

    Too bad she was unlisted. Well, luck of the draw I guess.

    If you had to choose a way to be pleasured.
    It will come down to either Japan Erotic Massage Club or Japan Fetish Femdom Club for alternative pleasures!

    Both have their merits. One is geared toward "relaxation" massage, the other toward some fantasies.

    As always YMMV with these sites. But the girls are skilled and won't let up until you are satisfied.
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    Thanks for the detailed review!
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    You're welcome!

    I have a few still pending but so busy at work.

    Fixed a few statements
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