B Lalique, Mitsugu Naruse. Nakasu, Fukuoka Shi

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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    B Lalique, Mitsugu Naruse

    Date of Encounter:
    23 Apr 2018

    Contact Method:

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    110min, 75000 JPY

    Soapland, ManMan building 5F, Nakasu, Fukuoka Shi

    Language Notes:
    Japanese, some english

    Details of the Encounter:
    After searching through more reviews here, I found B Lalique, and the difference of another $100 is night and day from Ariel, I wouldn’t recommend any of the street locations by comparison.

    Mitsugu was almost exactly as shown in the photo book, though her age was 6 years older than shown in the book as she told me, beautiful skin, slim, long dark hair, and natural, full breasts, trimmed below. She knows enough english to communicate with my limited Japanese, making the encounter far less awkward, and she has a great sense of humour.

    Finding the building is easy, turn into the entryway just before the G Cross shop, down towards Dianna and the elevator is on your right. Opens right up to the shop on the fifth floor, though they also have a ‘deluxe’ area on the fourth floor.

    This was on a Monday night around 7pm, so I was the only one there. Tencho accepted my knowing a little Japanese, brought out a drink and the photo book. Only two choices but there were plenty to choose from in the book probably on the weekends. The building itself is luxurious to say the least, crystal decor, dark lighting, comfortable arm chairs in the waiting room which may as well be a fancy bar on the weekends, and the room to play in was very spacious.

    Minimum service was 80min in the book, prices have definitely gone up from other reviews. I assume they normally have mat play on the weekends, but none was offered this time either. Shoes come off by the elevator, with big fluffy slippers to put on. The room is just down the hall, and came with Godiva choclate, cheescake snacks, Sushi croissant rolls, and more drinks offered by Mitsugu while we chatted a bit on the sofa, eventually finding her in my arms. Then off come the clothes and onto the bed, some LFK, too much tongue and she chokes a bit so nothing too deep, BBJ, which she can only take a couple inches of, but does a fine job with just that and teasing lower. I brought my own Skyn condoms since apparently I get dry skin from the latex condoms they normally provide, going from BBJ to CBJ as she slips it on like that.

    After a few minutes more, she bends over hands and knees K9, though I go in to DATY first, fingering a bit. She mentioned how big I was earlier and she could barely take up to the second knuckle, very tight, before rolling over and asking me to start slowly, missionary. I go as slow as possible, sinking in most of the way at least. She makes it work bringing her legs together, and soon enough full speed is fine, begging me to cum as I go harder and finally finish. She’s not much for getting sweaty or slick with saliva I guess, was always patting them down with a hand towel when I would kiss anywhere but her lips.

    The rest of the time was mostly spent resting, which was fine since she couldn’t take that much to begin with, though I did keep teasing her until she was grinding wet against my hands for a good while, I’d like to think she came at least, before the bell rang. Wish there was time for a bit more, but 140 min was another $250 that I didn’t have on me at the time. Into the bath for more drinks as she joins me for a bit more, drifting a bit over the clock that goes off three times I think before finally leaving.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, May Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    As compared to Ariel, this is what a soapland is supposed to be. Spend the extra money and avoid a bad experience, as well as all the touts.
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    Do you have any idea if they accept non Japanese Asians ?

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