Back In Tokyo This Week (advice)


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Apr 13, 2010
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I am back in Tokyo this week and wish to have any new information or hot spots to try out.

Any advice is welcome
Well, if you are looking for girls to pick-up - if you go to Motown, watchout for the real ladies mixed in with the 'other' types of ladies. :)

Train nampa is just as good as it always has been...

Even had a friend get luck at TGI Fridays in Roppngi last month.

Other than the usual bars & clubs, the usual P4P services are still in-play.
I've read about nampa. Is that something realistically achievable by a short term transient who's only in Tokyo for a few days at a time? I'm not particularly good at approaching random strangers in public and striking up a conversation. :)
I'd have to agree with lolicon on the picking up strangers part.

granted, i'm a japanese american who just so happens not to speak fluent japanese so i dont get looks like all you caucasion folk AND i cant communicate ;)