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Aug 22, 2011
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Hi there. We are a couple moving back to Tokyo this month after living overseas for the last few years. My wife and I used to enjoy the couple kissa and happening bar scene quite a bit. Back in the day it was Grand Bleu and club Momo that we used to frequent. But things change and it seems both have since closed down. Loads of places listed online but we wanted to get some recommendations from people who have been. Any comments? What's the scene like these days? Which bars have the best atmosphere?
I am European expat, good looking, speaks good jp. She is Japanese, cute, a bit shy at first. We prefer places which are quite open and friendly, not the ones where everyone is backed against the wall too shy to talk to each other. Can anyone recommend? Which are you favourites these days? Prefer a DES option on what it's actually like if possible. I never went to Olive but is it still good? Been going a while so I guess so...:)
Thanks for your help everyone.
Oh how things have changed...

Welcome back to Japan!

Olive is now the only open club that is publicly available. We've heard a few rumors about some underground places that are more restrictive.

But yeah, things have changed, even more so after the earthquake. Business is slow all around the block and some places are barely surviving.

If I dig up anything more, I'll pass it along.