Bar Girls around Kanda and Akihabara Area Of Tokyo


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Apr 13, 2010
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Does anyone have any good information about and good bars around Kanda and Akihabara area of Tokyo.

I am looking for a good bar with Japanese girls for overseas people.

I have been to some bars but mainly the sever Nihon-jin and not to friendly to overseas people.

Anyway information would be great.

Would love to help you out here but...

Akihabara is a tourist area. Everything closes out early in the evening with the exception of a few chinese/ramen and other fast food places. The bars and izakayas there are usually filled with local workers and those ladies are not on the lookout for gaijin men.

Same goes for Kanda, although you will find more bars in that are, but it's same with Akihabara. You will find people there after work and not much else. Ladies looking for foreigners, will always be primarily found in Roppongi. You can have some luck in Shibuya and Shinjuku.

I'm fairly familiar with this since I've been in both places, late in the evening hours. Akihabara is a ghost town after 9pm. Kanda winds down and becomes fairly inert by midnight. The residual drunk salary men will be crawling their way to the train platforms to catch the last trains in order to make their connection to the long distance trains going home.

The *ONLY* place in Akihabara that would possibly met with some success is 'The Hub' bar, on the first floor of 富士ソフト秋葉原ビル. (

Thanks for the advice,

When I lived in Tsurumi area of Kanagawa, its was great very close to Kawasaki and Kamata. Kamata is becoming quite and exciting place, but need some Nihon-go skill or go with some Nhinh-jin.

Now I live and work in Kanda area but until now have found no exciting place,

Anyway the search is on let you know if I find anything good to post here.

Also I am still on the hunt for Shizuka of ND!!!! Where are you!!!
There's a few foreigner bars in the Kanda area (Devil Craft, for one), but I don't know if Japanese women frequent them. I've noticed when I get out to Kanda for a night out that coming back to the station there's a suspiciously large number of women just standing on the street corners right by the station. I'm not sure if they are pros, and you'd probably need Japanese language skills, but that's about all I can think of. If you are looking for more nightlife on the East side of town, you'd probably need to look at Ueno or maybe Shimbashi.
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