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Basic Visa Resource Information

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Aug 23, 2009
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Please use the links below to read about basic Japan visa information. Some people have more unique situations than others and therefore you should always contact the Japanese Immigration Bureau or your local Japanese Embassy for the most up-to-date information.

Main Shinagawa Office Telephone: [SIZE=-1](+81) 03-5796-7111[/SIZE]
(For other Immigration offices, locations and access information click here)
Email Contact Address:

Do NOT rely on answers posted on these forums. We are not responsible for any of the content posted here, as none of us work for the Japanese Immigration Bureau.

All links below are represented in English. Please note that the Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing forms and some parts of the MOFA's website. We are not responsible for the content contained in the links below:

Japan - Ministry of Justice - Top Page

Japan - Ministry of Justice - Mobile Access Page

Japan - Ministry of Justice

Japan - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Visa

Japan - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Embassy/Consulate Network

Japan - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Countries with Visa Exemptions

Japan - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Working Holiday Program (WHV)

Japan - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Required Documents List

Japan - Immigration Bureau - Procedures Guide Book

The Immigration law was changed this year and there are a number of changes that will be implemented, including changes to the Alien Registration Card. A summary of changes to the Immigration law can be found below:

Japan Immigration said:
Major changes:
1. Foreign residents will no longer be required to obtain re-entry permits if they return to Japan within a year.
2. Period of stay, usually good for three years, will be extended to five.
3. A new form of identification, called a "zairyu" (residence) card, will replace Alien Registration Cards, with the information onto IC chips.
4. Foreign residents must report change in their address to the municipalities and other personal information including divorce and job change to the Immigration Bureau within 14 days of the above changes
5. The following cases will be subject to revocation of the residence status:
・Those who fail to report change in their address for 90 days or more.
・Those who have "Spouse of Japanese National", "Spouse of Permanent Resident" or "Dependent" status and have not engaged in the corresponding activities for 6 months or more.

*From April of 2010, foreign residents will be required to show Health Insurance Card when applying for a extension of period of stay or change of status at the Immigration Bureau.

Please let us know if any of these links become outdated or broken. This website has complied with the rules in regards to posting links to the MOJ and Immigration Bureau.
Kind of late on this update, but the following site was updated late last year:

Looks like they trimmed the fat, kind of a smooth flow from what it used to be. Will need to take a closer look at it.