Best girl at Hinomaru?

My best girl has been Ayaka. Had her 6 times. She is descent looking. Very thin. Nice tits. Amazing blow job and will take every drop.

Azusa, who is on extended leave due to health reasons, has HUGE tits, very cute. But ok blow job.

Mirai is ugly and gives a terrible blow job
I went there with a friend once. Since he was here from out of town, I gave him first pick. He got Azusa, who is very cute but I guess her technique is bad (and my friend didn't speak any Japanese, so couldn't make suggestions). I got Moe, who is petite, seems to enjoy her job, and has good technique, however she is pretty old and has horrible teeth. It was like getting head from the wicked witch of the west.
I've also had Moe. As Meiji said, she's old and her teeth are terrible. She gave me two good blows and worked really hard at them, but I wouldn't recommend her.

The other two girls I had aren't working there anymore.

I've been wanting to try Ayaka, but she's never working when I go there.

Has anyone been with Miyabi? I've always thought she looked decent...