Best location/station to find stree freelancers


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Feb 9, 2013
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Ive been around town a bit and I know I can find freelancers in Motown, and Kabukicho, but my question for the group is... In your opinion "where is the BEST place to find them"?

I prefer freelancers because I think theres a better chance of building a rapport, maybe even getting a discount once in a while and if you hit it off.. its convenient to just call them up and meet someplace . The other benefit is if you find and talk to a girl on the street you know if you agree on a price there no chance of some guy running up saying... 'sorry no gaijin allowed!'

I had a look around Shimbashi last weekend although it was early (around 5pm) so no girls out propositioning or eye balling me at the time. I did see a park there in the red light area and was thinking it might be a hotspot later in the evening. Any input, advice ???

I also walked through/around Kabukicho a little and yeah it was early there to but I did see a few working girls who were not so fortunate in the looks department. My feeling is Kabukicho is the place for the bottom of the barrel girls (I'm talking street girls not bar girls) so I dont think I'll be going back there.

For the record I was in Kabukicho years ago and met a very very sexy south American girl working right behind the police box. She was cool.. we exchanged numbers and I called her several times until I met a steady girlfriend.

My final scouting area was around Okubo, Shin Okubo, area just a few blocks from Kabukicho. Admittedly it was later in the evening (10, 11pm) and the place was packed. There were fucking women everywhere... walking around.. eating.. shopping... everywhere. Then I walked around the dark streets and found several working girls. I didnt talk to them so I dont know where exactly they were from. I dont really care either long as the price is right and they are decent looking. I found one hottie I would have hired if I had the funds at the time. There were a couple others I would put at 6,7 and as usual a few old hags.

So if the good men/women of the TAG have any input, advice, or comments on the subject of street freelancers... I'm all ears.
You can find some street walkers near gotanda station east exit around the hotels...
go at night...