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Apr 9, 2014
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Hi everyone, I just joined up and really like this site. I am planning a trip and started to learn some really really basic Japanese. I was just wondering besides Google translate is there a better site that I can type in English words and phrases and have them translated to Japanese? I just wanted to learn some specific stuff while I am learning general basic phrases and words.

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just a piece of advice
dont rely too much on online translations/programmed translations
japanese is a very complicated language.
it wouldnt hurt though to use it for basic vocabulary purposes
some japanese words dont exists on other foreign languages and vice versa.

but to answer your question for me google translate is still the best option so far
not sure why but i find the pc version better than the app version.
Agree with oppai_seijin that translation sites are in no way perfect, obviously they help, at least for me at work, but in some cases I only get the basic idea of the content and need to get some help from my Japanese colleagues.

On my iPhone I use Google Translate, for work on my PC I prefer the Bing translation site. Just my personal preference.

Thanks for the advice. I am learning through some course books and hopefully I can match up some of the translation with the books when I try some translation with Google.
I dont know if they exist around the world, I assume they do. In Japan, you can enter any home-center or denkiya...electronic super market? (dont know how to say that in English) to find little devices like calculators that are like electronic dictionaries that help with translations. They can be convenient if your dialogues, talks are timley generous. Not to be used while in a rush or hook-up.