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Chuck Farley

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May 15, 2013
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I have read before about a place called Body Walker Princess. Seems it is in Shinjuku near the capsule hotel I was thinking of staying in. Anyone have a website for the place or can confirm that they are open and allow foreigners?
Seems like the kind of place I want to go, oppai pub.
If not I may try my luck at NHP even though my Japanese is next to non. I will be in roppongi as well and just want to squeeze some boobs.
Any advice?
This seems to be the website

It seems it has chain stores in couple of locations. A quick glance did not say anything about foreigners on their website but I may have missed it. You may want to take a detailed look.
Thank you. I will look at it later on my computer hopefully it translates for me. Seems like a good one. It's an oppai pub correct?
NHP: You have to give the impression to the techo that you understand what he says.. if he feels you don't, you con't get access.
It's an oppai pub correct?

No, it's a "sexy pub" - which usually means no touching in either direction. Think hostess bar, but with less clothing.
If touching breasts is what you want, it is definitely available during private dances in gaijin/Western-style strip clubs in Roppongi, and they definitely welcome foreigners. Most of the dancers speak at least minimal English too. You might have to buy 2-3 dances to get it going but not more than that, and with some dancers it will be available from the start. If you have the bad luck to pick a dancer who does not allow you to touch her breasts, switch to a different one before you invest too much in a losing cause.

There also used to be some oppai pubs in Roppongi that welcomed gaijin, some distributed flyers on the street. There was one on an upper floor of a building located somewhere (around half way?) between 7th Heaven and the Crossing. This was at least 5 and maybe 10 years ago, so I have no idea if it is still there. But in any case, Roppongi is probably a good place to look for what you want.

Thank you for the info. Anyone know names of gaijin/western style strip clubs in roppongi? Isn't 7th heaven one? I will be with a friend from Japan when I go to roppongi so that may help us find something. If I wasn't married I would just pick up a girl. But my wife said that's not allowed, and since I will be staying with her family I should obey. Haha
Yes, 7th is the famous original one...used to be the lead club in a chain that included ones in Akasaka and Kabulicho plus other places I forget, but they are all gone now.

Tantra and The Office are two other such clubs in Roppongi currently. Very likely there are a few others as well. I was disappointed in the quality of the dancers the last time I was at 7th, fwiiw. I suspect that it is currently staying in business by virtue of its name and history rather than the product/experience it is now delivering to its customers.

I think I've been to the Roppongi branch. If you're with a Japanese friend then should me no problem. Should be no problem squeezing some boobs but it can get pricey. Basically a hostess club but every 15 minutes or so they dim the lights for extra fun. Usually the girl will get quite friendly during this time which lasts a couple of minutes. When the lights go on most guys are wiping lipstick off their face or zipping up. Most of the girls are young and pretty. It can be a very frustrating experience.
Oppai bars can be a bit pricey for the service you get if you cannot control the drinks and charges. There used to be one called Sharaku close to the Roppongi crossing, on the left hand side as you are going towards the Tokyo Tower. Not sure if it is still there.

For strip clubs, Tantra was OK. I agree with the comments regarding 7th Heaven.