business hotel, toyoko inn etc for deriheru..


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Apr 8, 2013
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has anyone used business hotel such as toyoko inn for deriheru?
rather than spending 3k-4k for short 2hrs at love hotel, pay a bit more and you get to stay longer..

are the deriheru joint good with that kind of arrangement? any problem with the hotel side?

apologies for such questions..:D

and thank you in advance..
Many, probably most, biz hotels have rules prohibiting customers from having guests in their rooms; you are supposed to use the lobby or bar or some other public space for all socializing. In my experience, some establishments enforce this rule and others do not. So, if you don't somehow know in advance that a particular biz hotel turns a blind eye on violations of their guests rule, you are taking a risk in staying in one for deriheru purposes.

One dodge is to have your date book and check into her own room, separate from yours. Once you are both out of the lobby and on the guest floors, I don't think it is likely that anyone is going to pay any attention to whether or not you stay in your own rooms. Of course this doubles the room cost, but it can still be cheaper than a love hotel for a longish date...especially if you were booking your own room anyway (as a place to spend the night). On the downside, a typical biz hotel is a lot less attractive an environment to get it on than a LH of comparable price. To be clear, I have done the two room thing only once (or maybe twice) and that was quite a few years ago, but I see no reason it wouldn't work routinely.

Just my 2 cents...

Asian Mystique girls seem to just make their way to the room when they arrive at the hotel. This seems to be a pretty sure way of avoiding any problems. In larger hotels with many staff there is no way any one staff member is going to be certain that a girl heading toward the lifts hasn't checked into the hotel. The biggest risk I can see would be that the girl had you meet her in the lobby. But even then, the staff might not know who you are or that you haven't paid for a room for 2 people.

I would imagine that at least some of the other deriheru providers use the same process, with them asking for you room number and then just having the girls go straight up.
I have also stayed at a few business hotels that have required the electronic room key to access the elevators. Not so common but have seen it. Have to assume it is done to prevent access to rooms by unregistered guests.
I was going to say the same about needing the card key to access the elevator. I stated at a business hotel in Shinjuku, not far from the Krispy Kreme donuts shop. I ordered a delihel girl, and when she arrived in the lobby I went down and we made contact. Then I headed to the elevator, she followed and when the elevator came she got on after and then we headed to my room. No problems!
I think it depends entirely on the specific hotel, I can think of a couple bus hotels I've stayed where you can access the elevator without going anywhere near the lobby and don't require a key to operate it, getting a "friend" in is no problem (but these aren't in Tokyo).
you can access the elevator without going anywhere near the lobby and don't require a key to operate it

I think this is truly the key to whether a place is 'girl friendly' or not. The plausible deniability of the girl being able to get to the elevator without being seen at by the staff is kind of key.

I think generally the staff of many hotels isn't going to care TOO much as long as there isn't a disruption, but at a business hotel - which is designed for sleeping, not fucking - you might not even be able to bring a girl back to your room if you checked in as a sole occupant. And I've been to hotels where the lobby was small enough that the front desk looked right at the elevators, so I never 'ordered out' -- too easy for the staff to see a female stranger going right for the elevators.