Cheap Gf Soapland In Yokohama Sakuragicho


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Apr 30, 2014
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Nogecho 野毛町 is a relatively little-known and very pleasant nitelife area only a Mike Trout home run away from Minatomirai in Yokohoma. If jazz is ur cup of tea, there are a quite a few small bars of which some got live music. The area also boasts some famous yakitori joints and good European restaurants - Chiaccerone may have the best pizzas in town. U will see a lot of European tourists there this time of year which makes me think they get taken there by their tourguides.

I had passed this place on a few occasions but in the wrong company. Last week I was able 2 pop in alone on a reconnaissance mission and it looked promising.

There are only 2 prices, 16,000 for 50 minutes and 22.000 for 70 minutes. It's not a big joint so my guess is that only 3 or 4 ladies on duty during the daytime. Does not appear to be an extra 氏名 nomination charge either so this could be a good value soapland for FS. Girls appear to be mainly in their lower 20s too.
There is usually a dude standing outside but this time there wasnt. I went upstairs and the 2 chappies I spoke to were pleasant and str84ward. They said that gaijins are allowed in but not rite now as all the girls were tied up. I had passed a J-salaryman on the stairs who never looked like he had just come out of a session so I got no reason not 2 believe what I was told. I'm pretty much outta town from now till October so wont have a chance 2 check it out yet.

Get off the train at Sakuragicho station. If the JR Line, u need 2 follow the signs to the Blue Line subway 地下鉄 which will involve going down 1 escalator and up another. Look for the South 南 1 exit which will take u to street level beside a Seven Eleven. Cats Eye is across the way down a short side street.
There is also a not bad Hub in Sagurakicho on the seafront near Top Man, gets a good class of gaijin bcoz of the international companies nearby and the J-vampires who go there hoping to meet one. I was alone that same nite and 2 girls come in, one looked at me and smiled. That dont happen very often and it freaked me out. I was kinda indisposed tho.
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Aug 23, 2009
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Thanks for the tip about this shop in Yokohama.

If you or someone else gets a chance to use this service, we would love to hear about it.

The girls listed do seem to be younger, that is a major plus!


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Aug 5, 2014
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Why no Engrish?! lol I can't read the damn website.