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    Date: March 2014
    Provider: Christine of Hipness
    Contact Info:
    Type/Location: Hotel Sound (Uguisudani). Other choices were booked, so took this place. Not the nicest and smelled a bit of smoking. I think it was around ¥4,000 for 2 hours.
    Language Specifics: Setting up appointment with Hipness was pretty easy. Christine's English was decent enough for basic discussion.
    Session Length/Fee: 80 min / ¥13,000
    Physical Description: Her pictures on website give good idea of her body. Tiny Filipina, cute face, little spinner type. Super tiny boobs.
    With Erika being unavailable when I called (9pm appointment) and being off for the evening, I took a chance on Christine since I'm a fan of Filipinas. Christine showed up promptly after phone confirmation of hotel room number. When opening the door, a look of surprised shock covered her face. Apparently, her manager did not inform her the appointment was a gaijin, and I would be her first gaijin experience, she said she doesn't usually accept gaijin which I find odd given she works at Hipness. I calmed her nerves and she hurriedly rushed to drop her outfit and tell me to strip to hop in the shower. No GFE undressing. Scrub in the shower, stares at my d*ck saying "big", again looking a bit, for lack of a better term, frightened. From the shower, we got to the bed. Sadly, she's a bit of a deadfish in the sack. Very unresponsive type. Gives off the "I hate this job" vibe. Minimal options. No BJ, not even CBJ. No Doggy. Basically a boring mish and CG type. I warriored through to a finish in mish after what seemed like an eternity of imagining I was banging someone else, and then got to the break period. She was reasonably talkative during this rest, probably trying to stall another round. But after a few minutes, I initiated some contact and was ready to go. Unfortunately, her lazy attitude and boring style continued and I lost interest in both her and my boner. She suggested finish by hand and poured a gallon of the worst watered down lube I've ever ever felt on my shrinking d*ck. To no avail, I tolerated this for a few minutes before suggesting we just cut the session short a few minutes.
    Recommendation: Hell no. It's a shame she has zero charisma because she is a real cutie. So many better things I could have done with that yen.
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    Your link does not go to Hipness, rather to Kansai Cherry Blossom. Thus it is unfair to Sayuri who,s site you put in this review. I tried it twice and get the same result. TAG Mgmt please check into this.
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    Thanks for the report, it's been fixed.
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