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    Date/Time: June - 6 PM
    (Basic Japanese with Mix of English)

    Stats: B: 91 W: 57 H: 90

    80 min service: Y 20,000
    Recommendation: Yes. Well it all depends. Haha!


    Hello again fellow hobbyists and TAG'ers!

    It's been awhile that I've posted reviews in this site and I wanna make up some lost content.
    I really had a busy few months in Japan with the changing of the seasons. My social life has exponentially increased also due to some "fortunate" circumstances.

    I have quite a number of reviews pending but don't worry I wrote em all in this little black notebook!
    So I'll start with my most recent session and work all the way back to April.

    Setup and Meeting

    I've heard some mixed to negative reviews about Betty Blue. It seems they send girls and call them the same (ex. Ivy).
    Still way back in March, I made a promise to review Betty Blue and I figured to take the chance.

    I called them up and the Tencho was a bit pleasant. I used a mixture of basic conversational Japanese mixed with some English. They asked my nationality then gave me instructions.
    I booked a nearby LH beforehand and in 20 to 30 mins Clala showed up.

    Brief Physical Review

    1. She looks like her 2nd picture.
    2. Small semi-angular face all the way to her chin. Nose cute as a button.
    3. Short colored hair. Mix of burgundy and blonde-ish?
    4. Not 170 cm as listed in the site. More like 160 cm.
    5. Smooth skin, average breast side. Nice nipples though! (1st pic is misleading)
    6. Very lovely neck, nape, shoulders and collar-bones. (OMG!)
    7. Nice legs and arms. Enough to be wrapped around hehe!
    8. Had a hint of smoke but what slightly overpowered by her perfume.
    9. Wore quite a bit of makeup and she was slightly sweating when she arrived.

    Main Event

    She arrived at my room. Called the shop to tell them that we met. The basic stuff. Promptly paid her got undressed and headed to the shower.

    Abit of shower play.It was a bit quiet and cold atmosphere. She was methodical in cleaning herself and used quite the volume of liquid soap on me. I gave her hand a kiss which caught her offguard.
    I was trying to be pleasant and make her feel at ease. Gave her shoulders and neck a quick massage which caught her offguard again.

    I begin thinking "she's not used to this eh?" A few more touches here and there and she got me hard by giving me a handjob in the shower.
    I have got to remember what brand liquid soap that was hehe!

    After rinsing and drying ourselves off. We headed to the bed. Before we started we established some things I could do and don't. (Well I wasn't planning on doing anal with her anyway lol!).

    After we got that out of the way, she started by giving me a BBBJ.
    I have mixed emotions about her BJ to be honest. There were times that the suction, licking and pressure was great but it would drop down in intensity.

    But after we switched to 69 her technique somewhat improved. Her pussy is nice! Clean, trimmed and tasty.
    I enjoyed eating her out although it put a strain on my neck because I had to move closer a bit.
    After 69, I let her go on top of me. She's tight and snug. Her hip motions and riding technique is ok. Nothing mind-blowing but it gets the job done.

    Then we moved to missionary and while I was pumping her I lick and played with her nipples.
    Finally I come and we rest for a few minutes.

    Then I go DATY on her to give myself time to recover and she's very responsive to that.
    I then gave her a massage and kissed her neck, nape and shoulders for a good 15 minutes I guess. I have a bit of a fetish for those parts!

    I then went behind her and spread her legs and rubbed and kissed her all over.
    My right hand on her pussy and left taking turns playing with her breasts while kissing her neck and nape. I got hard with her moans again.
    Then finally we went for another round. We went DG then reverse cowgirl. This was much better than the first. With some time remaining we lay on the bed and engage in small talk.


    She tells me that its 10 minutes before times up so we promptly head to the shower and the mood was much better when we started. We played a bit tickled each other and I finally got her to smile!
    After getting dressed, I gave her one last kiss and hug which caught her offguard again! LOL
    We both left the LH and went our separate ways after that.


    I can now understand why Betty Blue gets mixed to negative reviews. The girls start off as business-like, cold and methodical. Some may even be downright bitchy and mean.
    But since this experience is a small sample size. I intend to visit them again at least 2 more times. This time trying different girls.

    Although this is my first time using KDH. It's not my first time with Korean women. Most of whom I dated and/or hooked-up in the past are on par if not better looking. Mostly those in University and sophisticated types in Seoul.
    But that's another story for another time. Hehe!

    I would recommend Clala / Clara! As usual your mileage may vary. But she's definitely my type.
    Fellow hobbyists, our first impression and overall appearance counts abit. How it starts off usually dictates the rest of the session.

    I guess I'm lucky and they sent the "right" Clala / Clara. I hope next time they send the right one as well.
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    Sounds like a winner!

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