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NH Club Diamond Mayoi


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Dec 7, 2023
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Club Diamond Mayoi

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Club Diamond Umeda

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60 minutes 18,000 yen

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Direct Contact (LINE, Twitter, etc.)

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February 2024

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Narrative of the Encounter:
Long term lurker here but seeing as I live in Osaka now I wanted to contribute abit.

Mayoi caught my eye awhile ago just browsing through Twitter and was really happy to see that they also lived in Kansai area! I booked reservation via Twitter DM but you can also do it on the website (I couldn’t do a same day reservation on the website which is why I resorted to Twitter DM)
So with Club Diamond this is technically my second time coming, I’ve been to the shop in Nipponbashi a few years ago and had a blast with Iroha (highly recommend, super cute!)

So here is the good or bad news, with club diamond I’ve found that any girl/guy is ok with foreigners aslong as you can speak basic Japanese, this is one of the casts I’d highly recommend Japanese speakers only as Mayoi can’t speak much English (I attempted and it was really fun to miscommunicate and teach her a little)
I can thankfully speak enough to live here but anyone who can’t have a basic conversation might struggle to understand what’s happening as it would be a shame! Because Mayoi is probably the most high energy and outgoing girl I’ve seen in a long long time.

Once I arrived the store manager was great and explained the process and gave me a hot drink while I was in the waiting room, note the manager in Umeda can speak really good English! I was actually kinda impressed.

After about 30 minutes or so of waiting Mayoi arrived and apologised for the wait, this is pretty normal at these spots so I’m kinda used to it.
Definitely beats waiting in a small room with a bunch of guys smoking anyways lol.
First thing I noticed was how small and beautiful she was! She is around 150cm small and has an absurdly cute face, the pictures already look really good but this is one of the rare situations where she’s even cuter in person.
So if you like smaller women with insane cute faces this is the one for you.
After the shower and greetings we head over to the bed and she immediately tries starts making out with me.. I like a woman who can be a little greedy 😂
She is on hormones so their body was super soft and skin was gentle as usual, I couldn’t resist touching her while making out so I started playing with her nipples which are super sensitive.
They saw me getting excited over just making out and wanted to suck my cock straight away and said something along the lines of “I love sucking cock, can you cum in my mouth?”
That I can absolutely do.
Which sucking my cock she was definitely a pro at doing what she does, definitely a lot of tongue play and no teeth action at all.
While she was sucking me off I noticed her getting really hard and her cock was.. cute? I don’t usually play with other people’s cocks but I couldn’t resist I guess.
She really liked it when I started to play with hers too, I didn’t suck it but if I ever wanted to try sucking a cock I think it would be Mayoi’s lmao (she also has no balls!)

After about 5-10 minutes of some of the best head I’ve had in my life I exploded in my mouth and she swallowed everything..

We cuddled a little after this but still had about 30 minutes left, so time for round 2!

I got rock hard pretty fast again and then comes out the lube and condom, I slowly insert and.. wow she is super tight! Her body frame in general being small made it feel amazing.
I fucked her doggy for awhile and swapped over to mish.
It too good, I never wanted the night to end.

But unfortunately all good things have to come to an end and I exploded while still inside her tight little ass.

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Final Thoughts:
Recommended, Will Repeat.

Closing Comments:
This was probably one of the best experiences I've had in a long time and was well worth what I paid!
Mayoi was super outgoing, high energy and talkactive which I loved but is definitely a bottom so be gentle haha.
After seeing me off with a hug and quick kiss I immediately reserved another session with her for sometime next week for an even longer time!
If you don’t know any Japanese let Mayoi be the motivation to learn some basics so you can experience one of the best Osaka can offer.
Thanks for your report!

Approved: 3/5/2024
She’s super cute on Twitter, would love to get inside her.