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Dec 24, 2013
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I found this shop ( on EROLIN and wanted to give it a try, especially because of their promotion (50 min for 10.000 yen), so I sent an email and ask about the transportation fees. They answered after a few hours - which could be acceptable - and they answered with several mails:
  1. In the first one they said that the transportation fee would be 2 yen.
  2. In the second one they said tat the fee is actually 2000 yen.
  3. In the third one they asked me "what do you think about 2000 yen? If you really want we can make the transport for free".
I answered that would be great and we arranged an appointment to my place at 12:30.
At 12:10 I received another email saying "I am very sorry, but I will be A BIT late. I'll be there for 3AM". A bit late?! WTF!! I have to work tomorrow...
So in the end I cancelled.

Well, I do not think I will ask for them again. I found them absolutely not professionals.
If someone have had a better experience, please, let us know!!

Ah, I don't know if they speak english...we write each other in japanese.

Does anyone know what the gold and black symbol means in the upper left hand corner of the girls' profile pics?
The black one (本日出勤) means that she is available today. The other one I do not know...
The gold and black symbol means 'beginner', or new to the staff. Its usually used as a selling point, as these 'new' girls are perceived to not have burned out yet. Its also an excuse for the shop if the service sucks (not literally). Most shops offer a discount with time booked with a beginner, but this place does not.
The gold and black symbol means 'beginner', or new to the staff.

Yeah, you see these arrows quite a bit in Japan. New/training drivers will have green and yellow versions of these arrows to indicate to surrounding drivers that they are new.
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