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Oct 5, 2013
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Date/Time: end of Feb 2014, 23:00
Contact Info:
Type/Location: LH, Kabukicho
Language Specifics: I speak fluent J. Never asked what level is necessary
Session Length/Fee: 90 min, 24k, LH was 11000 for the whole night.
Physical Description: tiny, nice breasts, very little bush, but shaven only on front. The part between her legs is hairy, which was an interesting feature. I didn't mind.
Details: very polite, cute. Non smoker. Is very fond of her breasts (me too). She has fleshy lips and a gorgeous smile, albeit a little bit mechanical. Her deep kiss is interesting: she opens her mouth VERY wide and sticks her tongue out. Great technique for dirty, wet kisses. But she is not so fond of sweet little kissing. Her shower play was great, she let me soap her all over. Spread her legs to clean her down there. On the bed, her bbbj was awesome. very deep and good technique, assisted by her hands on my balls. She enjoys 69 and finger insertion. FS is optional and may depend on her mood. She likes cowgirl and she grinds her hips to stimulate her clit. She moans, but she didn't cum. Then we changed to Doggy and I came. The after play was nice, too. Shower, bedtime. Not the best GFE, but close to it. The bye bye was a bit mechanical, as if she already thought about the next customer (she was book out that night).
Recommendation: definitely, if you are into small body, big tits.
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Thanks for the review! I edited it to remove some of the bolding for readability sake.