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Jan 28, 2014
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Hello everyone, I'm Aaron. New to the forum but not to Japan. I have a question about a situation that has arose.

I've talked to multiple women since I've been in Japan that have offered a service to me. The service is always the same, with different prices. They offer a night or anything up to a week of time with them, and anything goes. Prices varies, but it usually isnt too expensive. The one ai qm talking to now seems real enough. They require payment through Western Union, prior to meeting the girl, through a 'manager'.

Has anyone had experience with this? Any words of advice or knowledge of if it's a scam? That is my biggest worry.

Thanks for the help!
I haven't heard anything like that specifically. I'm sure it's a scam, especially the Western Union bit, but it would be interesting if anyone knows details.

How are you talking to these women?
Well I've had a few add me on facebook randomly and solicit me. The others I found in dating apps. It seems too good to be true, which is a huge flag to me. But if it's legit...
Don't do it! Never hand over money until you're standing in front of the girl herself and she's about to drop her panties for you.

Rule #1: if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

I should add that NO real escort agency would ever ask for a wire transfer in advance. This is a strictly cash-only business for a number of good reasons.
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I know about this. I bumped into such girls on certain "social networking" sites where I was offered exactly the same set-up.


The girl wants to meet you but you need to transfer money to her agent abroad before she can meet you. As Kitty mentioned, it is a set up. Western Union transfers are not traceable once the recipient picks up the the cash. I asked the girl why I cannot pay her directly when we meet but she said that her agent would find out and hurt her family. I asked her how he would find out. No answer. I asked her what her agent is doing abroad when she is working here. No answer. The girls I talked were Filipinas.

This is a 100% scam. Under a normal setup, you should be paying the girl directly when you meet her. You should NEVER use any sort of bank or wire transfer in these transactions. Cash only.
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There is a similar scam to this done in Shinjuku.

Japanese guys (can be Chinese or Koreans living in Japan) walk up to foreigners, Japanese businessmen, or anybody who looks like they have money. They ask you if you want a girl. They then show you a booklet with pictures of women. They then ask you to choose a woman that you like and they will arrange for her to meet you at a hotel.

They then ask you to pay a 2nd guy who pretends to be a manager. They will claim that you must pay up front and claim this is to protect you and them due to the law. The 2nd guy gives you his phone number.

If you pay the 2nd guy, he then walks off and pretends he is arranging for the woman to come meet you.

The 1st guy will escort you to the meeting area, where the woman is suppose to come. He will tell you to call the number that the 2nd guy gave you, and walk off. The phone number is actually to a hostess club, where the woman works at, but is not allowed outside. Thus she can't meet you at the hotel or meeting location. At this point, some people give up. If not, the people on the phone will ask you to come to the hostess club to meet the woman the guy has already paid for.

If the foreigner or Japanese person goes to the club, they will seat you and introduce you to a woman, but pretend not to know anything about the money you gave prior to the club. The guys outside work for Yakuza and the clubs are run by them too. If the foreigner or Japanese person complains, you may get roughed up. However, they may also try to strike a deal, where they do give you a woman, but you would have paid doubled (paid outside and again inside the hostess club) or get less than half the time promised. If you paid for 3 hours, they will give 1 hour.

My recommendation is NEVER send money over Western Union. Always better to deal directly or only deal with well known establishments with good reputations.

And be very wary of scams in Japan. This is how a lot of crime works in Japan, often in sneaky and scamming type ways, not in the obvious assualt and robbery type of way.
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