Condom Crisis!


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Jun 30, 2011
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I'm running out of condoms! I bought plenty from the UK, but I need to restock. Sure, I know the girls bring their own. But my experience, particularly with Asian Mystique girls, is that they tend to be, well, too small!

I've tried the convenience stores and they are low quality, small, and uncomfortable. I've also visited Condomania, but they are expensive and, quite frankly, too gimmicky for my tastes.

Just good old fashioned large size Durex would be great, if I could find them!

Any shopping tips? (pun intended)

Stay safe.
Amazon? Shipping to Japan ain't cheap, but any time you are dealing with importing stuff from elsewhere you are going to pay a premium.
Why not just try the "Big Boy" condoms you can find at the drug stores here in Japan?
Y, the 0.002 L size ones aren't bad. Some chemists and most adult toy shops will have a range to check out; i think it's around 1,000 yen for 12.