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Craiglist hottie???


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Jun 29, 2011
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Just noticed this listing on craigslist... photo was very compelling...

Brunette Russian - w4m


My names is Juliet, I am a beautiful 23 year old brunette Russian girl. I am 5'6" beautiful gymnast body and pert B cup boobs.

I will be traveling through Japan, and wanting to meet some good looking men who want to meet a young Russian lady.

I do not speak Japanese, however I speak Russian and English very well.

As you are aware guys nothing in life is free, so let me know what you can do for me, and I let you know what I can do to you...


Is this supposed to be an advertisement for this lady?

It's fine to ask questions about an ad, girl or an agency... but this feels more like advertisement for the girl in question.

Anything posted on CL needs a good second-guess anyhow. So, if you've got questions, great.. but just posting this with no additional information, gets viewed as spam or advertising.

I urge *anyone* considering a CL arranged meet-up to use extreme caution no matter how safe it may seem.
Hey Tokyo,

I feel with CL you need to ask plenty of questions, and ask for multiple photos, esp in different setting...

This is no way a guarantee.. but dang, some of my best fucks have been with private/amateur girls of CL who like to fuck and looking to make some extra $$$...

sorry if it seems like an ad... on my board in OZ.. we always post up details of a girl and if anybody has seen, and ask for review...
also if somebody dives in first and reviews.. you might save yourself some $$$..then again.. if you dont... nothing is lost..

he he he he