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"Dana" - Delicious Deli


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Jul 4, 2010
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So on my last visit to Tokyo I decided to give Delicious Deli a try, since I never tried a delivery health service before, and I'm always looking for new (and perverted) things to try.

I checked into a love hotel in Shinjuku and called them up. There was no answer, but a few moments after I hung up, I received a call right back from them. I asked the mama-san "英語できますか?" (Because I don't know the proper way of ordering from a deriheru, since that topic isn't covered in your average Japanese language class... for some reason.) She spoke English and didn't care that I'm not Japanese.

I said I'd like to make an appointment, and she asked what hotel and room number I was in. After giving that info, she said they'd send a girl right over and that was it. Didn't ask if I wanted to pick a specific girl or anything.

About 20 minutes later, a cutie showed up at the door. She told me her name, and it sounded like "Dana" but I'm not 100% sure on that, as I had been drinking. I looked on the Delicious site but none of the girls look like her.

Anyway, I'd say she looked like your typical Shinjuku/Shibuya cutie, with dyed dark brown hair and petite body. She said she was 23 and from her appearance I had no reason to doubt that. She's Japanese. And short; around 5 feet tall.

She handed me a card with the service and price levels and I mentioned the campaign price of 100 minutes for 20K, which she agreed. FS was an extra 5K on top of that.

We got in the shower, but no fooling around in there. We hopped into bed and started FK (thankfully no smoker's breath) and I proceeded to play with her funbags. She has some fairly decent-sized nipples on her B cups and they must be pretty sensitive, because she shouted "not so hard!" (and I'm not really a hard nipple play guy).

Downstairs was only lightly-trimmed, but clean and tasty (I have yet to encounter a Japanese woman who didn't taste great). She then returned the favor and gave me a nice BBBJ. Then she slid a rubber on me and proceed to ride me pretty good. Then I put her on her back and proceeded in missionary until I popped.

We chatted for a bit afterwards. She only knows a little English, so don't expect much conversation if you don't know any Japanese. She's still in school, she told me.

Before round two, she made us both shower again! That's a first for me.

Round two played out similarly to round one. I can't remember the specifics, other than I enjoyed it. :)

Would I repeat? Definitely. Cheaper than AM with younger cuties.

I have a question though: has anyone tried the cosplay option at Delicious or any other such place? How does it work? It's listed as free, but I don't know if it means you have to go to a love hotel that has costume rentals or what.

Satsuki's departure to Osaka was quite a blow to me. :(
LOL duuude... she dresses, not you.

Watch out everyone! We have a genius here!

Now if someone with actual reading comprehension could answer my inquiry. What I am asking is if the place provides the costume or you have to find a hotel that has costume rentals. I don't know about the rest of you, but I normally don't carry schoolgirl uniforms or any other costumes in my luggage when I travel.
DD does have a selection of the usual costumes (nurse, maid, schoolgirl, etc) that you can ask the girl to bring with her. I asked once for it but then they forgot. The girl said they aren't very high quality anyway. If you have the time and interest you can pick something up at one of the Don Quixote shops. In general, DD is a good option but I have found them to be a bit forgetful and they usually show up late.
just a couple questions:
does delicious deli allow you to meet the girl outside and then go to a LH or do you have to check in to the LH alone first?
when you called from your room, did you use your own cell phone or did yuo use the room phone?