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Y-Shirt (SL) Darling Harbor - Mayu

Gaijin Neil

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Jan 11, 2013
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Just finished up my soapland experience at darling harbor and this is a lot better than my time at yokohama mermaid. Very professional service.

I came here pretty early with hopes of getting a cheaper price but it seems like gaijin price is 28,500 yen no matter what time of the day you arrive. They only gave me one choice which is the one in the link because she speaks good English. After about 20 mins of waiting it was my turn to go and she greeted me and took me to our room.

She's pretty cute, an 8-9/ 10 IMHO. Her picture on the site completely blocks her face, but I'd say that's her judging by her body. Also I think they use Photoshop to make the face look smoother but she was still pretty cute.

We had a quick shower on the stool then I sat in the tub with my legs hanging off the tub to expose my dick. She clearly knows what shes doing because she purposely positioned me that way to give me BBBJ which I quickly CIM. She wasn't big on DFK but thats ok with me.

Afterwards she set up the bed floatie thing and gave me an amazing massage. I was face down for the first half and I have no idea what she did or used, but it felt good. It felt like she was using either her chin, lips, or tongue to massage my back side. while playing with my dick at the same time. I think at one point she was going to toss my salad but thankfully she didn't go that extreme with the massage. She turned me over and did the same thing to my front and I couldn't handle her toying with me any longer so I came again. She also did this thing where she rubbed my dick with her pussy which made me think she was gonna go bareback on me but all she did was rub. We showered and made our way to the bed.

She went down me again to get me up and put a condom on me. I was getting a PSE cowgirl but I wasn't feeling it so we went missionary for the last pop. I went down on her afterwards and she seemed surprised that I did (in a pleasant way). My favorite part was as I was going down on her she said "I'm cumming" as if she was couldn't hold any longer. She said I was awesome for that which gives me a warm a fuzzy feeling knowing I made her cum. Anyways we had small talk then showered and I made my way out.

As if the service couldnt get any better, they told me to sit in the waiting room for my ride to the station. I was gonna walk there but they're so professional they go to great lengths to ensure I have a ride back. Interesting how the do it cause I think the van stopped by other soaplands to pick up other customers.

Overall would I repeat? YES!!

Hope you found this informative

Gaijin Neil,

You mentioned the cost of 28,500 yen.

Was that the total cost, how early did you go and how long was your service?
28,500 yen is the total cost, including FS, that I paid upfront. I arrived there around 8 a.m. and it was for 70 mins. I'm sure it could be longer if you asked.
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Thank you very much and would like to hear more of your adventures when you have them. Best wishes.
No worries, you'll definitely like it there. I plan on making this my usual if my future trips are the same experience :D
I'll be in Tokyo in a couple of weeks (was just there for a weekend but sadly had no time for play). Will they let me in here if I speak almost no Japanese? Thanks. Would like to try the Soapland experience.
I'll be in Tokyo in a couple of weeks (was just there for a weekend but sadly had no time for play). Will they let me in here if I speak almost no Japanese? Thanks. Would like to try the Soapland experience.

Speaking from experience, yes they'll provide service to you if you speak no Japanese. They might not give you much choices though because for me, they only gave me the choice of one who speaks English. I haven't asked for a non-English girl so you never know.

Hope this helps!



Just finished my session at darling harbor and i had another good time as usual. The format is the same for the most part so ill just focus on Natsuko:

As far as her looks, I thought she'd be a 9/10 from the pictures but she's an 8/10 IMHO; no worries here. The website says shes 24 but she told me shes turning 30. She has a nice body and core area which helped her ride me PSE style. She rode me for quite a while and she enjoyed it.

She gave me bbbj as soon as we stripped down and we didn't even shower yet. Zero fear I guess. DFK was weird at first but I got used to the way she kisses. I had the same issue with my last girl as well. It's not like the don't want to, their style is just different. Maybe it's just me?

As far as the mat play, it's sexually torturous, and I just wanted to cum quick but I held my own. I'm not a fan of the mat play; id rather shower and fuck on the bed but she didn't give a choice and I ended up enjoying it. Her massage relaxed my muscles but when she's playing with my dick, I had to bite down on the towel. I can see why she's their number 1.

Bed play was fun. She loves to give bbbj and we 69 for a bit. I went down on her but the clock was ticking and I we had to cut it short. I enjoyed our conversations and Ill definitely repeat. I have a goal to try different girls before I repeat but ill make an exception for her.

Ok that's all I have for this review. Hope you find this informative!

Hello gaijin neil!

Nice review you have there
Can you give us some direction or hint where is this darling harbour?
And do you need to call first before you go there?
Last question is, from what I read from your review there is no pop limit? you can came as many as you want?


For me, I got to Nippori station via JR Joban station and took a taxi there. At first I tried to show a map (from the website) leading there but the driver didn't understand the map so I said "soaplands" and he took me to the area. From there, I told him to keep going to the end of the soaplands area, passed the police station. Darling harbor is a yellow building.

There's no need to call in Advance; Every time I just showed up and they took care of me.

The number of pops doesn't matter to them. I had four pops :D

Hop this info helps!

My next time out, I will pay darling harbor a visit. Thanks for the reviews fellas.
My next time out, I will pay darling harbor a visit. Thanks for the reviews fellas.
Word of advice: I would avoid going during Suzu's schedule. It would be a misrepresentation of the establishment :)

Good tip there Gaijin Neil. Do you mind typing her Japanese name so the ones who cannot read Japanese can also avoid? :)
Fantastic reviews! Four pops in 70 minutes? Sounds like a great experience! I will check this place out!
how about the price if we take 50 mins course

50 mins sounds too short for the services they offer. If you want to get off quick go to a pink salon or NewHot Point instead.
Back when I lived in Tokyo, all of the Soaplands that visited had 110 minute sessions.

It might have been a coincidence or it might have been the industry standard at that time.
Most places can accomodate any time course but the most common seems to be 110/120 mins. The cheapest places usually only have really short courses on their menu, for more "regular" in and out quicky style.