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Darling Harbor -- Two Days In A Row!


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May 2, 2012
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Sorry this is going to be long. First, thanks to the previous reviewers of this establishment. I always figured these places were for Japanese only, and since I can't seem to get my Japanese friends to bring me to one, I figured it would always be out of my reach.

I called DH from my hotel and luckily got the guy that speaks a little English. He told me to go to Nippori station and to call him back when I was in a taxi and he would give the driver directions. I did as he said and it was all very easy. When I arrived at DH, they were outside waiting for me and escorted me to a waiting room. It must have been about 4 pm on a Friday afternoon and I was the only person in the waiting room for most of the time. He came in with photos of three girls and I chose the one that appealed to me the most, although I am sure any of them would have been fine. Her name is Masami and I choose to see her for 90 minutes. With my shitty Japanese and his poor English it was a little difficult to figure out exactly what he was saying, but I think he was telling me about the availability of the girls. I gathered the longest wait was for the girl I chose. He even came back in the room and tried to talk me into getting another girl, I think. He did say something like "henna gaikokujin" when talking about Masami but for some reason I decided I was going to see her and he didn't argue.

When I got up the stairs I was pleased with my choice. Masami is thin, short, black hair, cute face, small breasts that fit her body and with beautiful little, pink nipples, and a firm, round butt (quite a surprise for Japan and she of course told me she thought it was big--it isn't). I would have been happy to meet her on the street. The guy told me she was 25 which worried me a little as I read here about "Yoshiwara age" which would make her 35. But she did look to me to be in her mid-20's and she told me she was 23. Her English was minimal but we could communicate ok with my so-so Japanese comprehension and it wasn't like it was a mystery about what I was there for.

We went through the procedure of her washing me (and blowing me) on the stool, then into the bathtub for more kissing, fondling, blowing, and then onto the air mattress for the nuru slide. It was my first time to get a real nuru massage and it was fun. She was rubbing all over me and we ended up in 69 at one point. Her pussy is natural but that didn't bother me. Following this we washed off the gel and then made it to the bed. I was holding off cumming because I wasn't sure if I had multiple efforts as I had basically not slept the night before as I had been out all night, drinking at a friend's bar. On the bed she was blowing me some more and then I went down on her and got her really wet. By then I was ready to be inside of her and we went through a lot of positions before I came inside of her, in the condom. When she cums (or pretends too, anyway) she gets that high-pitched voice like you hear in Japanese porn. I actually find it annoying in the porn but it was a turn-on here.

We talked for a bit, had something to drink, and then tried to do it again. But as I suspected, it wasn't going to happen for me. But that was fine. She was able to get me hard with her mouth and I was still able to go back inside of her, just not finish. And I did have a fun time going back down on her. She washed me up at the end, we got back in the tub again, some more fooling around, then got me dressed and downstairs. She was very cute and gave me her card when I left, but I think she is new and it was handwritten. As a nice touch, they took me back to the

So after another night of drinking with friends, and of basically having no sleep, I really felt like shit. But I couldn't get DH out of my head. I thought about heading to a different place but instead I just went back to DH that afternoon. This time there were two people in the waiting room, a gaijin and a Japanese guy, and I was not given a choice of girls. But they girl they gave me, Kogiku, was cute and I was not disappointed. Shorter than Masami, with longer hair and a little fuller body (but not fat) she has a very cute face. And looks young, like 18. She told me that she was 22. I would definitely have noticed her on the subway. This time I decided to save 10,000 yen and I just took the 70 minute course.

What followed was pretty much the same as what I wrote above, although this time I didn't do the nuru. I was basically sure that I wouldn't cum twice this time so I held off as long as I could. We did a lot of play in the tub. It was so hot seeing her sucking my dick in the tub as I thrust my dick above the water line. We finished up on the bed where she gave me more bbbj and I went down on her natural pussy. It was clean and fresh tasting and she got so damn wet! Then we tried a bunch of different positions until I finished in doggy. After another break she tried to get me going again, and was able to get me hard and I could get back inside of her but I couldn't cum. Still, it was a lot of fun to finish up this way. We got back in the bath to wash up and she continued to blow me in the tub. So hot with that sweet faced girl sucking my dick. She got me dressed and walked me downstairs, also giving me her card, although this one was printed.

I will definitely go back to DH when I return to Tokyo. Thanks again for the reviews. I'll keep my eye out for reviews of other gaijin friendly soaplands that I could also try. I'm hooked.
Sorry, can't figure out how to edit my post. It got cut off, but what I was trying to say was that they drove me back to the station. They actually did that both days. Nice touch.
Great review. What was the total cost for the 90 minutes if you don't mind me asking?
Prices were exactly as advertised on the web page and also on the wall of the waiting room. 70 mins: ¥ 29,800. 90 mins: ¥ 38,600.

When I go back again, I'll probably take the 70 min. option. As I said, don't really think the extra 20 mins was worth the ¥. Still can't get that place out of my head and I would love to try other Soaplands so if anyone has other recommendations, please list them. Not sure if I will use Asian Mystique again or not and while I would like to try Hipness, and maybe Nasty Dolls and/or Club Boo, if I had only one opportunity I would run back to Darling Harbor over these others. The only person I would debate visiting instead is Kansai Sayuri if I was lucky enough to have our schedules overlap in Tokyo at the same time (I haven't met her yet but she is on my radar). I am definitely going back on my next trip to Japan. Good thing I don't live in Tokyo because I am sure I would become a (broke) regular.