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Darling Harbour (SL) Darling Harbour - Yukino

Discussion in 'Esute/Pink Salon/Massage Reviews' started by sohelpmegoat, May 12, 2018.

  1. sohelpmegoat

    sohelpmegoat TAG Member

    Mar 27, 2017
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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Yukino - https://darling-h.com/profile.php?id=yukino

    Date of Encounter:
    11th May 2018

    Contact Method:
    Walk in

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    140 mins - 59600 yen


    Language Notes:
    Mostly Japanese some English

    Details of the Encounter:
    Went to DH again tonight and was presented with 5/6 cards of the working girls for the night. Tencho recommended Jyuri and Yukino but Jyuri was booked until 10pm and Yukino had an one hour wait time, decided to wait and went with Yukino instead of one of the immediate options.

    There is of course photoshop on the photos but it still resembles Yukino in person, she's a shade darker but still a pretty girl overall, and has a slim and tight body with b cup breasts (I think, not an expert on sizes, hope to see more in the future for further knowledge) but fun to grope with. She has some tattoos on her lower abdomen, thigh and back, nothing major that would cause you alarm.

    Had the first round on the mat and she is really good at this, enjoyed it very much. Next two rounds are on the bed and she initiated both, she's very energetic during sex. She does moan during sex but nothing over the top e.g Ai Uehara screams.

    Had a really good and satisfying time and glad I went with the recommendation of the tencho, would definitely come visit again.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    Do take note Yukino doesn't really speak English well (she told me she's in the process of learning), 90% of the conversations are in Japanese. I am at N4 level and can manage short to medium sentences hence I'm able to chat with her and we kinda clicked so YMMV regarding that.
    #1 sohelpmegoat, May 12, 2018
    Last edited: May 12, 2018
  2. chinshiko

    chinshiko TAG Member

    Sep 22, 2016
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    Holy $@%&!! She is a real looker! There may be some PhotoShop going on but not much.
    In her blog posts her lips look much fuller than in her profile photos.
  3. sohelpmegoat

    sohelpmegoat TAG Member

    Mar 27, 2017
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    Yeah she's a looker, was worried about being disappointed after an hour long wait but was very relieved when I saw her.
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