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Delicious Deli - Eri


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Dec 2, 2012
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Hi everyone. I saw Eri tonight from Delicious Deli. This was my first time ever with an escort, so I was a bit shy at first, but also kind of knew what to expect from the other posts.

I called the number and the woman who answered could speak English. I gave her my address and she said she would send a "beautiful girl" in 30 minutes. I didn't bother to ask for anyone specific.

I tidied up my apartment and 20 minutes later the door bell rang. She said her name was Eri, but she wasn't the same girl as the photo on the website. There is another review about Eri, but they must be different people. This Eri said she was 23 and from Yokohama. But really, who knows? She has a great body with perky breasts and puffy nipples. Smooth skin, a bit tan. Very nice ass. She had on quite a bit of mascara, and has really soft lips. I'd say she is around 164 cm.

She came in, set her bag down, and she handed me a card. I got 70 minutes plus full service. I paid, she made a quick call to the home base, then we started talking while we undressed. I can only say a few words in Japanese, but her English was pretty good. We could carry on some sort conversation without too many blank stares.

I started showering while she used the toilet. Then she joined me and she soaped me up and started working my shaft. Then I soaped her up and she turned her back to me and rubbed her ass along my shaft while I fondled her tits.

After the shower there was a pause in the action as she brushed her teeth and gargled.

We started cuddling and making out. She is an excellent kisser. I worked my way down for some daty. She has a full bush, but I don't mind. Very nice pussy, no taste or smell. When she cums, she wraps her legs around your head.

I moved back up for some more bbbj. She makes lots of eye contact, and nice soft moaning sounds. Lots of saliva and slurping. She also worked my balls and ass.

When it came time for the condom, it was a bit small, but we figured it out. She had lube, and we started with cowgirl, missionary, ds, then back to missionary. A few minutes after finishing, her alarm went off, and we showered again and talked.

She was very friendly and laid back. I would definitely recommend her, and the next time I call, I'll probably ask to see her again.
I hadn't heard of this Delicious Deli before. Perhaps there is already a link somewhere in this forum, but could you let me know what it is?
I hadn't heard of this Delicious Deli before. Perhaps there is already a link somewhere in this forum, but could you let me know what it is?

It's one of the 'foreigner friendly' places listed on

Beware though, that some of those places are not quite legit places (using fake pics, etc).
Anyone know where Eri has gone to? I saw her on a previous trip but she seems to have dropped off the Delicious website. :( Hoping she has just switched agencies and is still in town when I get there.