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Delicious Deli - Yuna Review


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Jan 6, 2013
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Hi guys, I had my first experience with health-deli in Japan with Yuna from Delicious-Deli. I made a phone call around 9pm and had her come to the hotel in Ueno where I was staying.

The lady on the phone could speak pretty good english and you can guess from her pronounciation that she was Chinese. I requested for Yuna and the lady told me she would be available around 11pm. (Just nice for me since my room was kind of messy). So, I gave her my address and room number.

She reached my room at 11pm sharp. We greeted each other in Japanese (You can guess she is Chinese from the way she speak Japanese) and she gave me a card, I choose the 100mins course with FS so add another Y5000.

She has a nice slim body and nice breast for a slim girl with an erotic nipples. Her face was average and can guess that she had plastic surgery on her nose. Her legs are long and I guess she is about 172cm tall.

After that we went to the shower room and she had a my body clean up nicely like a baby. While cleaning me up, I touched her nipples and butt.

After shower, we went to the bed and started cuddling and kissing. She is an average kisser. Then, fondling and licking her breast and later fingering her pussy. Later, she did a hj and bj on my shaft and she lustfully whispered to my ear that she wanted my shaft badly.

We did Missionary, DS and Missionary again for the 1st round. After that, we washed each other again and continue cuddling and talking. Later, she did another hj and bj until my shaft is on again. We did Cowgirl, DS and missionary to top it off. Just nice as the alarm goes off.

We went to the shower room and she clean me up again before finishing our night.

Overall on Yuna:
Very nice slim body with average face and breast but erotic nipples. Her hj and bj is good. She feels uncomfortable in Cowgirl position and gets tired easily but DS and missionary are OK. She likes to be bang hard on DS and missionary while moaning pretty loudly (Sorry neighbor).