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Jun 24, 2011
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So this is my first time doing this and I would say it's pretty good.

Here is their website:

So first I searched for a girl I like and it says that they're available on that day, so I ranked them in order just in case they're not available: Miyuki, Yumi, and Aya.

Then I checked in a love hotel around Dougenzaka in Shibuya. It was 4,000 yen for 3 hours.

Then I called up Delicious and a girls that seems like in her 20's picked up the phone. Since I can hold a conversation in Japanese for quiete a while, I didn't have trouble. I asked for Miyuki, but she said she's on a break even though her schedule in the website says she's available. And then she reommended me two girls: one is Hina and a girl that's not in their website, probably someone new. And then I asked if they have Yumi, and she says yes, so I chose her. It took 40mins for the girl to arrive.

A girl who looks around 25 years of age showed up and I had doubts that she was Yumi, I'm not really sure. I even doubt she was Japanese but her Japanese was pretty good except that she didn't understand some words like the word Nanpa in our conversation later. I asked her if she's Yumi but she gave me a confused look so I didn't bother insisting.

Then she gave me a card with the prices and I asked if there's something more. She said that a "Full Performance" is an additional 5,000 yen. I chose the 130,000 for 70 minutes by the way. So it's 13,000 + 5,000 = 180,000 yen.

I'm not sure when did she start her timer but she was still tidying up for a bit and then we went to the shower. Nothing really special in the shower.

Then we went on the bed and since I'm shy, I just waited for her to initiate. She licked my nipples with some biting and then went down on me
and just licked the rim of the head. I asked if she can do some BJ and a 69 but she said no. But it's fine with me, I changed my mind with the 69 because it kinda smelled down there anyway. So she just started applying some lube and put a rubber on me and she went on top of me.

Then we changed positions and all that. I didn't feel that much pleasure (prolly cuz of those cheap condoms at the love hotel?) so I was hanging in there for a while.

The time was up and I still hadn't popped yet and she suggested if I wanted to extend 30mins for 8,000 yen. I said I only had 6,000 yen

so she had me call their operator and we agreed for 20mins for 6,000 yen. Then we continued and all that, and I still didn't pop. It was prolly just my personal problem though.

Then she just gave me a HJ in the end to help me pop.

Then we just talked until the time was up. Then we went to the shower again and tidied up.

There was no kissing till the end (prolly cuz I didn't initiate, but it was fine with me, just how I preferred).

Then we head out of the LH together and parted.

Overall she was nice and chill.

Love Hotel (4,000) + Service (13,000) + "Full Performance" (5,000) + Extension (6,000) = My total (28,000)
Dear ragnakevmac,

thanks for share your experience with the community: as much information we get it is much better. Do not worry about delaying your pop, its quite normal because your nervous or shy, or just feel pression for the time coming to the end... i also have this problem, but to see the bottle half full i would say that delaying pop is much better than pop so fast.
Other the their system page being available in English does anyone know if they have an English site? Or if the bookers speak English?
The lady on the phone speaks english. I did my booking using English and everything goes well~~~
Thanks for the review...I'll have to give them a try.

BTW - does anyone know where they are operating from? Ideally, I'd like to minimize my wait at a LH and I don't mind traveling to where ever they are coming from.
Thanks for the review rak...
I just contacted them, so we'll see what experience I have.
The girls I requested were all not their, so I receive a new one....but promised beautiful...;-). B.t.w. shaved of naked below or.... doesn't ring a bell, so I expect not bold ;-)
As expected.
Nice good looking girl, very nice shaped, with nice tits opened the door half an hour later.
She we agreed on 70mins 15k Y + 5k Y for FS. Total 20k Y. Not bat at all.
We started touching (asked how long I am staying, saying another boring week ;-)), kissing, getting our clothes off and than (I ?!) asked her to take a shower. After the washing, and turning me up, we went into bed. There is was really relaxing, BBBJ, I licked her (not shaved, but fresh).
The FS was also good, but not in for second time.
I needed to slow down, otherwise we were ready in about 20mins.
The only complain I can have is that she was not in for a doggy style pos. Because we European (she said especially me, off course...duh) are shaped to big to change position. That will penetrate her to much...
But all together very good looking girl, good work. I could advise Del Deli, this was Risa btw, a new girl from Del Deli.
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Another experience from this agency (2 days later :)).
Although my first experience with this agency was as expected (see above, good looking, did all with pleasure), this second was much (and I mean, really much) better. I called Delc-Deli and asked for Risa again. She was working, but took 40min. She said Aiko is also very good and available. Ok, please send Aiko. Maybe her face is not the beauties't I have every seen (but still pretty), her body is very nice. Very nice ass, Very natural, very good looking girl! Ok, not big tits, but the rest made it up.
She was very nice, spoke reasonable English, had a nice chat upfront. Was very nice, coddle with made, made me very relaxing. Saw I just had a shower, asked if I wanted to join her, or chat I waited on bed, so she could be back soon. She sowed me the card, I pointed out 70min for 15k Yen. "thank you". We did not talked about FS, I thought let's see what is happening (I new already if she asked I couldn't resist :)).
After her shower (whauw, what a body naked!) we jumped into the bed. FK, very nice, licked her long time (she tasted real good), not shaved below, but kept in style. She seemed to enjoying (you never know, but she really gave me that feeling). Took time to get over each other when she started the BBBJ. Also this she did very great, tried to hold on, but after a while I'll let me go. She was fine with that, took it all.
After that a shower, and back on bed chatting, laughing, kissing, relaxing. No rush. At a certain moment (I was thinking already, it should be time) she looked at her phone, we have only 10min, time is going fast! So she went in bed and I thought let's give it a try. Same story again, but before she really started with me, she said Oh....please I will not hit you up to much, because it's about time. To be sure she looked at her phone "sorry, only 2 min left, that's not enough I think (smile..). Or do you want some extra time? I said, how much is that? 6k for 20min. I checked my wallet and surprise, I only had 19k Yen total. So only 4k extra. She phoned and said it was oke for an extra 15min! Total 19k, 70+15min. We did not talked about FS....
So back on bed, did her, she did me again!and than she whispered "do you want sex??" I off course said yes, only if you really want it also. Yes please! Different positions please, and if you want firm. Duh...ok...without extra money....! :).
And so we went on, doggy style with her but, whaaaa.....!!!!

So you can imagine I am very thrilled with Aiko!
I can suggest her you all.
For sure before I leave here in a couple of days, I will do her again!
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Just wanted to double check that others have used this service speaking only English. Also, seems they are open until early morning? So when schedule has a girl working until "last" that means until they close, not the last train? Sorry for the stupid questions. I've never done a Deli-Health before.
Last usually means last train.