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Deri Heru At Uguisudani

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Dec 26, 2013
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I'm new to the forum. Thumbs up and great appreciation for the guys who take out time to post updates here. It was really a great help to discover pink establishments at Tokyo. I came across following link of a deri heru named "Blond Collection" at Ueno / Uguisudani area featuring east European girls:-
I just want to know that has any one tried it?
Rates are very reasonable; 10,000 ¥ for 70 minutes.
The girls appear to be nice from the pictures but can't be sure unless tried by some one.
Secondly is it foreigner friendly?
Actually I'm interested in European girls. I tried independent escort from
and paid 35000 for one hour but was highly disappointed once the girl appeared in my hotel room since photos she had shown on the profile were completely fake. I felt like returning her back but was so badly in need of having some fun that didn't do so. Afterwards, however felt completely ripped off. The photos on website are completely fake and in addition, same lady has posted her different profiles with different pictures and different numbers. So people like me interested in European girls, be warned and advised not to try any girl from this website.
I have tried Ai from AM after reading the reviews on this forum
but experience turned out to be so so. Was looking for Eri or Miki but unluckily, they were not available. However, AM staff proved to be very cooperative and helpful.
To sum it up, I'm looking for European girls whether independent escorts or associated with some foreigner friendly establishment, any suggestions and feedback will be highly appreciated, please.
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Man, the pictures on blond2 are clear fakes. No wonder why you find them attractive, they are pictures of actual adult models.

For example, a simple google search would tell you that Yuma is actually represented by Chloe Vevrier. Too bad, she's so hot.

I'm in the same boat as you, sometimes, I like to see European ladies. Check out the review I made of Mia (now Tracy) at Holein-1. While they probably also have fakes, I think they have several girls with non photoshopped pictures, Tracy being one of them.

Good luck, and please keep sharing whatever experience you get!
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Yessir! She used to be called Mia but recently took the pseudonym Tracy (you can check her twitter for more accurate info).
Thanks a lot Jacques. Actually I'm a breatst man. Do enlighten with any of such ventures undertaken with European or Japanese ladies in future. Would highly appreciate the assistance and guidance from other TAG members as well
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