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    Hi all,

    Went through a couple of forums but can't quite find the answers to some questions I have, hope you can help:

    1) Do you use your real name or a fake name when calling DH?
    2) Do you let them know in advance that you're foreign?
    3) For Asians: Do you let them know that you're an Asian foreigner in advance?

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    It's not like you have to give them your full name. You generally DO have to be calling from a real cell phone, and not a Skype-out number or the like though.

    If it's not a place like AM, I usually do (my horrible Japanese usually gives it away, though). I'd much rather a place say no than pay for a love hotel, have the girl show up, and her leave.

    It depends on how you define 'Asian'. To be completely blunt, most delivery health girls that will service foreigners might only service white guys, or possibly east Asians. There's a lot of racism here obviously. I'm not Asian, but I generally err on the side of honesty up front, because I don't want it to be an unpleasant surprise for both of us when she shows up and I'm not what she expected.
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