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BDSM Domina R rocked my world


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Jul 6, 2023
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Title of Your Review:
Domina R rocked my world

Service Name:
Basic course

Provider Name:
Domina R

Website/Contact Info:

Appointment Length & Costs:
120 minutes/ 40k Yen + 7.8 k Yen for LH

Booking Method:
Direct Contact (LINE, Twitter, etc.)

Date of Encounter:
January 2024

Outcall Love Hotel (Your Choice)

Language Notes:
English Only

Narrative of the Encounter:
English is not my native language and this is my first review; I'm open to constructive criticism.

I had my eyes on 2 providers: Mistress Youko and Domina R. Why did I choose her over Youko? Just because Domina R has this "friendly" aura while Youko's aura seems more "brutal".

Booking process is as easy as it can get: you fill in the form on the website, her agent will reply within a couple of days and everything will be discussed by emails.

About 20 minutes before the start of our session, I got a room at Forsion (recommended on her website) and emailed the room number. A few minutes later, her agent replied she's already there and asked if the security check can be done in the room, no problem for me.

I'm sooo nervous but the moment she entered the room, 90 % of my stress vanished, her aura is truly magical.

We talked for about 5 minutes before reviewing the details of the session and she asked me if I wanted to add something. Anal play was discussed with her agent but I didn't mentioned getting pegged and asked her if it would be possible. She had a strapon and was able to accommodate.

She unpacked her tools and some were quite intimidating, especially her biggest urethral probes. She also brought some ropes and plastic wrap even if body restraint was never mentioned (I did tell the agent that she could add some stuff if she felt like it as long as it's not against my NG). I chose shibari.

She then sent me to the shower while she prepared the room and put on her outfit.
After the shower, I waited about 30 sec behind the curtains and asked if I could come in. I finally see her in her domina outfit, she's just stunning and her chest zipper was closed midway which offered a nice view.

She welcomed me by tying my hand and telling me to sit on the couch (my hands remained tied for almost the entire session). We started with urethral play, the thing I was the most scared/curious about. She lubed her smallest probe and slowly inserted it. Felt a bit weird the first few seconds (not uncomfortable nor painful, just weird) but seeing everything was going smoothly, she went on and up in size but this time, she was holding my dick vertically and just inserted the tip while letting the gravity/lube do their work.
I'm not kidding, it was like my urethra was secretly a swallowing machine. She seemed a bit surprised and asked me if it was really my first time. We went up in size several times, one at the time until she told me we only have time for 1 more, I decided to go up to size 20 (not her biggest but still bigger than what I expected to take before our meeting).

And out of nowhere, she asked me if she could try a vibrating urethral probe. Out of curiosity, I let her. That one was smaller so I had no problem gulping it but I wasn't prepared for the vibrations, I let out a moan. When I lay my eyes on her, she had a kinky look in her eyes and she was smiling. Believe me (or not, I can't force you), that's something you NEED to see in person. She let it vibrate inside of me for about 30 sec while moving it up and down, awesome feeling.

We then moved to the bed, she made me sit with my knees up (kinda birthing position) and after putting some lube on her glove, she cheerfully announced: "Doctor will explore your ass", we both giggled. She started inserting her fingers while counting.

Her (orally): one finger
Me (in my head): she reached my max (that really was the max I could insert by myself)
Her: two fingers
Me: I'm sorry, what?
Her: three fingers
Me: blank mind
Her: wow, four fingers stop counting
Me: how the hell did she manage to fit 4 fingers up there?

She played inside with her fingers for a couple of minutes before pulling out a dildo and asking me if I was ready, to which I happily nodded.

She tried several dildos but I didn't feel much pleasure nor pain, she only brought "small" ones since I'm a beginner and didn't expect me to be able to take as much as I did.

She then told me to get on all four, and pushed on my back (just picture me as a heavier, hairier arching Yuu Shinoda... with a dick) and started pegging me. I LOVED the feeling of being (physically) dominated by a woman smaller than me but again, didn't feel much pleasure from the strapon itself.

She got the candles out, applied some lotion on my ass (to protect my skin from burnings and help stripping the cold wax when we're done) and started with one drop of the lowest melting point candle on the protected area. I can feel it but not to the point of getting a reaction. She asked me if I'm ok and I tell her how I feel. She lit the middle temp candle and again, not a reaction from me.

"Scream for me", that's what she said in a playful voice before resuming pegging me. During one trusting, she (accidentally?) poured wax on my lower back right on my spine, which is NOT protected and she finally got the reaction she was looking for and let a happy "YES" out. I asked for more, she extinguished the candle right before lightning the regular candle (highest melting point). She let a few drops fall on my ass but the lotion ruined the pain I could have felt. She poured some on my spine and made me squirmed.
We talked a couple of minutes (I'm still on all four with my ass up lol). She told me she's impressed with my pain tolerance, that despise being a beginner experience-wise, my mind might be a level above that and a true masochist. Told me she's happy to be my first mistress, the feeling's mutual.

Break's over, it's whipping time (YAY!)

She started with a crop, light strikes but no reaction, she stroked harder… better but still not enough. Next is an actual whip with lots of leather strips. First strike startled me, not because of the pain but the deafening sound caught me off guard. Not much of a reaction for other strikes. Another whip with lesser and smaller strips was then used. Heavy strikes, I start to feel pain, I love it and let her know.

She then brought her "favourite one" (ends with a single thin string with small knots along the way) and with only 1 strike, I know her favorite one would be mine as well. Each and every strike made me scream and by her voice, I think it's safe to say she enjoyed it. A dozen strikes later, she told me to get up.

I obeyed, she tied my hands to my body in a way that left my rib cage exposed and defenseless. It's WAY more painful to get hit there, I'm only able to take 5-6 hits before using our safe word. She immediately dropped the whip to give me a hug. She brought me to the couch and told there's still something she had to do. I had no idea what she was talking about before she climbed onto the couch and shoved her (dressed) ass on my face. Our time together was so good she made me forget I asked for facesitting.

It was better than expected and she even went to the next level with her kinky talk. While her ass is still suffocating me, she started jerking me off... when I think our session can't get any better, she still manages to blow my mind (just my mind).

She suddenly stopped, let me breathe, untied my hands and told me to show her how I do it. I'm so confused I can't even speak so I mimicked a HJ with a confused (dumb?) look on my face. She nods with a kinky look in her eyes.

I did as I was said and started masturbating, she leaned over me (giving me a closer view of her cleavage), whispered something then lightly bite my ear, it was really sensual. She also bit and pinched my nipples with her nails, it felt WAY better than having them sucked or licked.

I had an epiphany and asked her if she could bite harder, I heard a grin and a second later, she's going for my throat like a FUCKING VAMPIRE, she didn't let go after biting and she moved her head several time. My moans probably indicated her I was about to climax and she stopped... before going for the other side and making me cum. Best orgasm of my life.

After 10-20 seconds, I was able to clean my firework mess, we talked a bit and she sent me to the shower. When I came back, she told me I could go ahead since she still had some stuff to clean (mostly wax residues on the bed/couch and moving the table back to its original place). I volunteered to help and we kept making small talk about my trip, told her I came from Osaka just for our session, she seemed really happy. Told me to wait while she change back into her civilian clothes (she didn't change in the room I was in).

We left the room together, still talking about our session and how much I enjoyed it. I promised her I'd book again next time I'm in Japan.

Outside the love hotel, we exchanged a last few words before hugging and parting ways.

Review Independence: Was this review requested by the provider or service?:
No, this review was written without a request from the service or their provider.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, Will Repeat.

Closing Comments:
If you don't have bdsm experience and want to try, you should definitely book her. She's intimate, not intimidating but still able to make you scream.

Domina R opened the door of a brand new world for me and pushed me down this rabbit hole. I couldn't thank her enough.

The only "regret" I have is not booking her for a longer session.

Sorry if this review is too detailed but I tried to convey all the excitement I felt during our short time together and I couldn't scrape anything since everything you've read here made my evening special.
The only thing I didn't tell you is that after my first shower, I put back my boxer and t-shirt on because I'm shy by nature (I know it's kinda silly to be shy in front of the person you asked to fuck your ass but that's me).
Thank you for your submission!

Approved: 2/21/2024
great review! Had no problems understanding your English. I wanted to book a session my first time but dates didn't line up for me. So no problems using English in the session?
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great review! Had no problems understanding your English. I wanted to book a session my first time but dates didn't line up for me. So no problems using English in the session?
During the review at the beginning, we talked for quite some time about urethral sounds since it's not something beginners usually ask for and she had a bit of trouble pronouncing "urethral" (so did I) but it was kinda cute and communication was smooth during the entire session.

The process of booking a session is really easy but being available at the same time is another thing. During my 3 weeks in Japan, there was only 1 day when both our agendas aligned.
Glad to hear you had an enjoyable experience. Not too long ago I booked her as well and found that her skills in gently controlling the situation were profoundly satisfying. She was able to keep me on the edge as she played with my ass and pegged me. Can't wait to return to Japan, looking forward to having another session with her in the next month or so.
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How much in advanced do you need to book her? 1 month enough?
One month in advance is pretty much the maximum you can book her and I suggest you check her availability on her twitter booking account. She's usually available only 3-4 days a month.

Once you filled her booking form, it'll take around 2 days to get a reply.
Thank you for your review. I've been thinking about paying Domina R a visit
Had gone for a session with her after reading this post. Definitely beginner friendly, given that it was my first BDSM experience.