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drunk bears - otemachi/tokyo station area

Oh, this place... I have been there, maybe twice? It's not a bad place to stop after work if your office is near Tokyo or Otemachi stations.

I stop by a "Hub" English bar/pub near my place, it's a chain, but it's ok.
Is this place still open? I see they have been tearing down 2-3 buildings right in the same area. We're going to be over at Shin-Marunochi for most of the day tomorrow and I wanted to swing by this place and take a look after we finish up.


Much <3 in advance! ;)
AFAIK, it's still open.

They tore down two buildings on the opposite of the Sankei building. There's another building being razed one block over. The building where Drunken' Bears is located, is still intact to the best of my knowledge.
THX! Much <3 ;)