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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Carla Suarez

    Date of Encounter:
    End of June 2017

    Contact Method:
    TAG Message

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    ¥40,000 for an hour plus ¥6000 for the hotel

    Love Hotel

    Language Notes:

    Details of the Encounter:
    I had contacted @Carla Suarez earlier this week. My birthday is soon and I wanted to spend some time in my birthday suit with a beautiful woman in her birthday suit. I gave her the date and time that I wanted to meet and she said that it fit her schedule perfectly. I requested that we meet in Ikebukuro which she agreed, and the date was set.

    I was up early so I showered and shaved and got ready for the hour long trip to Ikebukuro. A lot of good the shower did me as by the time I was in Ikebukuro I was feeling pretty gross. I had been in contact with Carla via Line and she was expected to be on time. We both agreed that with the humidity we were both feeling kind of gross and a shower was on the board for both of us.

    I arrived first about 15 minutes early and waited at a little park near the hotel. Carla messaged me and said she was almost there so I migrated over to the Hotel entrance. Right on time Carla showed up at the other entrance, but quickly made her way around to the main entrance. We greeted each other and made our way into the hotel. We lucked out as there was only one room left. Room 503. Hotel Ramses Club is kind of weird. They have the main building and the not so main building. They are attached. To get to room 503 you have to walk through a side corridor, then find the elevator and take it up to the fourth floor. Where @Carla Suarez gave me a little kiss. Finally up a small flight of stairs to the room, but it's worth it as the decor of the hotel is very nice,

    We enter the room and I hand her a small box of Godiva Chocolate truffles I had bought as a gift for her, and then we spent a few minute sitting on the bed talking and getting a feel for each other. Then it was shower time.

    Carla took off her outfit to reveal beautiful 5'1" body. Compared to my height her's is perfect. We made our way into the shower and began to wash each other. She rinsed myself off and got down on her knees and started off with a warm-up bbbj. Just enough to introduce herself to throbbing cock. We made our way out of the shower and over to the bed. She had quickly changed into this cute red undergarment. A little DFK, and I started to make my move down towards her lovely C cup breasts. Licking and sucking on one side while lightly pinching and squeezing the other side. I could feel them becoming more erect. A sign that she was enjoying herself as much as I was enjoying myself. Slowly I worked my way down to her wet pussy which had all the hedges removed. Smoother than a baby's ass. Just the way I like it. I started tonging her clittorus, she gave me some basic direction as to what she liked, and I accommodated. I could feel her thighs tighten next to my head. She then stopped me and got on top of me in 69 position so that she could reciprocate while I was working on her. Shortly thereafter she was straight up in the air her body shivering from orgasm. With her needs satisfied she turned herself around to continue her bbbj. Her technique is great. I however was not ready to release. Not because I couldn't, but because I wanted to enjoy it a bit longer. @Carla Suarez soon got up and took the condom and put it on and got on top and began to ride me. For a good 3-4 minutes she rocked shimmied and shook, and during that time I had my finger back on her cliterous to make her ride more enjoyable for her. Then she changed some muscle position and started riding a bit differently. It felt tighter, and the thrusts felt like they went deeper into her. It was this that took away my ability to prevent the pop, and pop I did. She continued to ride me while my cock was still a little hard, just to get as much out as she could.

    With the deed done I threw the condom in the trash, and we layed down giving a few more peck kisses and starting to have conversation. A wonderful conversation that flowed until......

    ... the phone rang. Some idiot (raises hand) left the key to the room in the door. To which we both started laughing at it.

    We got dressed and headed out to the main road and went our separate ways. Saying goodbye with a quick hug and kiss. :-D

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    Carla is a sweet person, and was real easy to get comfortable around. If you have the chance see her before she leaves it's totally worth it!
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    Thank you for your dedicated review! Wow¡ You impress me

    Chocolates exquisite ☺️

    And the phone ring ... what to say! It's like when you are having a sweet dream, smile on your face and suddenly... Rinnnnnnngggg¡ Your alarm clock just bring you back to reality ... Haaaha

    Thank you sweety for a great day! Big kiss
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