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Elise Darling

Nope. Her prices are actually quite reasonable. The only thing that worries me is that doing an image search on her pictures, they show up on other provider ads in places like Moscow and Copenhagen. That's not to say others aren't ripping her pictures off, but you never know.
I am very tempted to give her a try. I am always weary of these kind of escorts since most reviews are negative...but I would like a change from the typical Asian offering. Still on the fence for this one, but if anything happens, I will be sure to give my review!
Her photos are clearly ripped off. The Google search shows larger and color photos.

"I meet suitors initially at upscale hotels, I`m very sorry to say that my current arrangements don`t leave room for incall services."

I guess that excludes love hotels, business hotels and our apartments.
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I'm a little surprised that there's not an "western girl" escort service that is both on the up and up and English-language friendly -- every one that I've seen has pictures that are likely or very obviously fake -- but I guess on the other hand most guys coming to Japan are going to want to sample the local fare, not meet an Eastern European girl.
I met her last week... read on,

Being new to this hobby, i have had no luck in getting anywhere in the US as most providers either ask for references or complete background check with employer info. So, i decided to check the scene out in Tokyo during a business trip. I found a very impressive & classy online profile of a European lady (let's call her Mai Tai) and I dropped her an email. She responded promptly indicating that she was on vacation. I asked her if she could recommend someone of her class and quality... and that is how i got introduced to Elise. By now, I already had trust in Elise since she came with very positive and candid reference.

I dropped email to Elise before leaving US and she was quite prompt to get in touch. She wrote more than few words and always said things that a guy like me would like to hear... she talked about her wardrobe, her business trips and challenge to find time between her career and this part time activity. I googled and tin-eyed her and realized her pics & origin was stated to be from Austria and few other European countries. I could not care less of her country of origin as all i remembered was that Mai Tai said Elise is gorgeous. I was impressed and we set a date.

So, the morning we were supposed to meet at my hotel, I got an email from her that that Elise could not make it. We decided for following night. She sent me her cell# and texted in afternoon to confirm meeting. I went down to hotel lobby at 9:00pm found a nice spot by window and bought a glass of wine. I spent rest of night talking to bunch of strangers as Elise never showed up. On my way out to Narita I got into text exchange with her and she was not apologetic but rather &%#$%. I just SMH and said 'forget her'.... total waste of time and complete deception.

Few weeks later, I returned to Tokyo and remembered how Mai Tai described Elise. Damn!! I dropped Elise an email again. We set a date and time and she texted me in afternoon that she cant make it. I asked for following night... and we had a date (for 4th time). I went through same drill, went down to lobby, found a nice spot and bought a glass of wine. And then it started to rain, real bad... that totally would wash my plans of going out to Roppangi ...well, after being stood up 3 times, I did not expect Elise to show up. Just then, a tall blonde walked in the hotel lobby... in a warm coat hiding a silk cocktail dress. The waitress at lobby looked at me and smiled... and i knew it was Elise. She claims to be 28 but she actually looks like a 22 year old (twenty two).

After we greeted, she joined me for a drink. We talked for another hour at lobby and had few drinks and lots of laughter. She is indeed from high tech industry and believe me, she is intelligent and great in holding conversation just about anything. We headed to room later where we decided to get some more beer... so we went down again to Lawson ...walking in empty wet streets. By the time we got back to room again, it had been 2 hours already since we had met. Once in the room, I took care of agreements and included taxi fare as i knew there is no way she will be able to leave before midnight. We had more drinks and more stuff to talk about sitting in couch (which btw is luxury to have in Central Tokyo hotel). Later I tried to take drinks away from her as i did not want girl to get drunk. And then we started to focus on romance side of the evening. That is where her 'classy lady style' started to wear down and she turned to be more naughty and wicked. Under her cocktail dress, she was dressed in astonishingly beautiful lingerie. I must also warn, that if not treated well, she is capable of going bare knuckles and knock you off to the ground like a country girl from US. So, handle her with only love and respect.

Oh by the way... i also noticed that after few hours and more than few drinks, her European accent had worn off as she spoke plane ol' American English. What a surprise?? Well, she did not admit to be being American... but who cares!

I can ramble on to describe how we spent next two hours but that is pointless as i think all you want to know is she is superior & upscale in all respects and I will remember her for a long time.

She indeed was very hard to get to the hotel, but definitely very intelligent, gorgeous, classy, naughty and full hearted GFE.

I owed this response to the board... but please do not email me asking for any personal details of her. If she likes you, she will give you her cell. If her times allows, she might even show up!! You have her link above. Good luck!

PS: I am pretty bad in connecting real faces to blurry images on websites, but her hair is shorter than in pics. I will definitely meet her next time in Tokyo.
She replied to my email, but she says she does not usually make appointment with people that live in Japan. She doesn't want to bump into her clients at a work function or otherwise. She might make an exception, as long as you provide her with a lot of your personal information (Full Name, Phone number, residence address,...). Privacy is a huge concern for me with this kind of service, so I don't think I will be booking an appointment any time soon.
Sorry - I'm confused a bit. She stood one of you up a few times - but you still met her and had a good time - but she demanded a full personal profile from narco.... PerfectP - did she ask you for the same information? Are we talking about the same girl?

Sorry maybe I'm missing something...

Hellodesu...yes, she asked for a full profile because I live and work here in Tokyo. She generally only sees people who are traveling to Tokyo. She also has a regular day job, so she wanted to be careful not to book a client that she might also meet on her day job. I can understand why she wants to do that, but I am just not willing to give out that much of my information. Though I do agree with your comment about getting stood up and still going after her. Reading that she stood up her appointment a few times makes me hesitant to see her even more.
So I am new here - hello all - and I have truly taken one for the team with Elise.

All in - 5/10.

I will try and be fair and balanced - and I realize there is risk in choosing a provider who is unknown / not reviewed - so before I begin I should make it clear that I accept responsibility for some of this. Also - I am going to change/exclude some details as she has my personal information as she requires it in advance - but this is 100% authentic review.

I gave her my information - and we agreed to meet in shinjuku at a nice luxury hotel there. She cleared my information previously - I only gave it because the pictures were good at her site and her description was compelling. Now i wish I didn't give into the little head telling me what to do again...

So she comes to the door - and she is not the same girl as the pics. She isnt ugly at all - but her body is a little more manly than I like and she obviously took pictures of other blondes on the net and just reused them. She also has a big nose and some buck teeth. So I would say looks and body are 5.5/10.

Then we started talking. And talking. And talking. At first she was interesting - but she started revealing her more personal beliefs, and let me tell you - her bio is a big pile of bs. She is not cultured, not interested in things outside of her little world, and really a simple minded girl who has nothing nice to say about anyone. Her bio about friends, family, culture , etc is probably copied from somewhere else... No culture, no couth, just an angry young lady. So conversation: 4/10.

But we can all get past that if she has the goods in the sack - right? Well not her. She gave a rough, toothy CBJ that almost shredded my d-ck, did some cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary to finish. She just closed her eyes and didn't make a sound. not very gfe. 5/10.

then more talking about her various hates... She called time early, but that was fine with me.

I showed her to the door and she left the hotel room. and was thankful that while I had overpaid, I could simply cross her off my list.

So - do what you wish- she speaks English and is blonde, but that's not enough for me.

Who knows - ymmv.
FranklinStubbs, I can't agree more on the CBJ part.

and I believed her story when I was with her,
but some afterthoughts made me change my mind.
Bummer. Was hoping for better reviews of her. Looks like there just aren't any good foreign girls to choose from here in Tokyo. Guess I gotta stick to the Asian girls...
Nacro21, have you checked an agency called tokyo angels? It seems they have really hot chicks. But I am not sure if they are all authentic pictures.
then more talking about her various hates... She called time early, but that was fine with me.

I showed her to the door and she left the hotel room. and was thankful that while I had overpaid, I could simply cross her off my list.

So - do what you wish- she speaks English and is blonde, but that's not enough for me.

Who knows - ymmv.

Sorry for picking this up so late... agreed she had various hates but sarcasm is nature of younger generation.

One big difference between your and mine rendevouz is that i met her at a bar while you met her at your room. She certainly is GFE type if you give time to get to know her. In fact when she left, she did not even ask for taxi fare at 1am... which i only later realized i should have paid.

You are very right on YMMY as i cannot enjoy just a pretty face who cannot talk or laugh. No offense please.

My comments don't make much difference as i think she might be leaving Tokyo.