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Oct 26, 2011
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Not sure if this place has been covered before or if i`m creating this thread in the right section, so apologies in advance if i`m in the wrong.


This place is a pink salon in gotanda thats fairly close to the station. I came out of the east exit up the hill, took a right at lotteria and then a right again down a smaller side street.

Tout was very welcoming and the price was 6000 yen for 30 mins for 1 girl. There seemed to be tons of other deals that you could get but as i was eager to get off the street i just went with what he suggested. this place is actually 2 shops, and i ended up going to the shop on street level. Inside was fairly small, darkish lighting with three sofas on the right facing forwards. I was guided to the last sofa. The 1st one was busy, middle one was empty. There is basically no privacy and its a little grubby so if you do visit keep your expectations low.

The girl/ladi i got was called Kaede and she was probably late 30s early 40s but in decent shape and fairly nice looking. Before she got down to business i asked if touching was ok, she said no problem but `soft please`. Service was nice but a little too slow and nice for my liking, but got the job done so cant complain really. After she finished we had a little chat but nothing interesting.

I saw three other girls when i was in there. 1 normal looking student type, a large housewife type, and one super hot tall intimdating shibuya girl type. so i guess its a mixed bag of people who work there.

I probably wont repeat but for no other reason than i can`t be botherred to go to gotanda.

If you live on that side of Tokyo though and are in need of some quick relief then its a good a place as any I guess