Erotic/Oiled massage for couples or women?


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Feb 16, 2013
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My girlfriend and I are heading to Tokyo and wanted to know if there were any erotic/oiled FS (with girl masseuses) type massage places where the two of us could go and either both get a massage in the same room, or at least in separate rooms at the same time?
If not, are there any places that are more open to doing these types of massages for women? (because I'm sure I can find one without problem for me :)) She is a native and I am a foreigner.

Thanks for any info.
Yes she is Japanese. It's her primary language but only grew up in Japan as a kid so she's as clueless as I about if this exists.
So she only wants a massage? Or to have sex with the girl too?
From what I've seen so far, these places here in Japan are pretty cramped, the next customer being served is pretty much within a few meters from you with a semi closed wall partition.

There should be a site that allows you to search for massage shops.
She can read about it then.
There are some old school BBS systems which the Japanese use that may mention these places. Tell her to search on Yahoo Japan for these sites.

I'll ask my fellow work colleagues for you to tomorrow
So I'm in the same boat. My girlfriend and i are headed there in a couple of weeks. We love to have threesomes and get massage together. Where can anyone reccommend?
In the northern island of Kyusyu, there's a soapland which accepts women and couples.

In Tokyo, I found two sex establishments specializing in threesome, foursome or more.

Also in Tokyo, there are some that offer service to lesbians or couples.

When it comes to lesbian sex clubs, visit here.
Judging from the websites, none of them appear to be.
It depends on negotiation.