Escort/call girls in Chubu area?


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May 26, 2012
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Unfortunately, I am based over a hundred miles outside of Tokyo city.
and I have no luck finding a gaijin-friendly escort or delivery health service within 30 miles radius of where I live.:( So if anyone knows or have experience with such service in Chubu area, perhaps Hamamatsu in particular, please advice. I would be greatly appreciated.
I went with friends to Hamamatsu for a bachelor party a few years back. I just cold-called delivery health agencies the day before our visit and had no problems getting gaijin-ok responses from several. Two of my friends used them, one was standard DH service, the other got FS. I don't recall names, but if you can speak Japanese I recommend just calling a few.

As for Nagoya (where I live), basically the same experience. I find a few just by cold calling or emailing when they have addresses listed, and I would guess that close to 50% give me a gaijin ok response.