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Sep 11, 2009
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Please follow the the basic rules of this area:

1. Agency owners are permitted to register 1 account here to respond to customers or potential customers. You must contact us first, to obtain a registered and verified account. (At the time of this post, there are NO verified accounts.) Escorts & Agencies may contact the site manager by clicking here. Please state your request and contact information in the message.

2. This section is moderated but not censored. All public comments and reviews will be left intact. If a post seems to be out of place or suspicious, it will be evaluated and dealt with.

3. Please do not post any personal information here. The name of the Escort or Escort Service and their contact information is allowed. Anything more than that will be be removed.

4. Registration is required to post here to maintain accountability. Your personal information that you register with is private and will be kept that way.

** These rules are subject to change without notice. **
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