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Aug 19, 2011
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Hi all,

I'm new here, this site looks really useful and informative... However I saw that all reviews concentrate about AM, ND and Club-boo...
It was to my surprise that all those "premium" websites are actually fake, though I can't really understand why would they be fake.... insight anybody?

Anyway, I've just encountered this website:

Is it reliable? Can I trust their service?

There are "agencies" that do bait and switch methods by placing photos of playboy playmates and sending women that are very different. Why? Because there are dishonest people that like to make money by fraud. The site you placed looks like a mixed bag. It is basically a site with links to other sites. Some might be ok although I can't make any guarantee. Others, especially the photos of white foreigners that look like a model from Playboy are probably just that. Be cautious. I try to stay with the regular deriheru and soaplands. Some of them have been reviewed on this site.
OK, thanks buddy for the answers.

I actually used google images and the images published on the "premium" agencies... got some funny results: Bikini models, Japanese singers, etc.

I think it's a really nasty foreigners trap... but it explains why they almost never answer e-mails....

Really, that's why we have a very limited list of verified agencies that we know are legit. Meaning, the girl you see in the picture, is the girl you get.

The going rate is about 25-30,000 yen for 1 hour of basic service. Agencies/escorts that charge more than that... (i.e. 50,000 for one our) is full of shit.
Here's another great tool for checking on images:

You can upload the image URL, and it presents you with a selection of potential matches. Amazing how often online escort ad images are actually models, porn actresses, etc.
Couldn't you just refuse to pay if the girl that shows up isnt the one pictured?
I had a bait-and-switch experience in London once, some years ago. I just walked out of the girl's place shortly after arriving, having paid nothing and done nothing. Afterwards, I received an angry text message from the agency I'd used to book the girl. I replied that the girl was not the one I'd booked and if I ever heard from them again I would slaughter them on Punterlink. I never heard from them again.

If you do experience bait-and-switch and the switch is not worth the money, just leave. Any subsequent responses you may get from them, just threaten to nuke them or their agency on the net review sites. Should shut them up.

Of course, the best policy is to avoid bait-and-switch operations completely. But even a long-time punter like myself can get caught out occasionally. Check them out on the web before you book, use the photo software, Punterlink, TAG, etc.

At the end of the day, if you've got the balls to use an escort, you should have the balls to walk out if she's not the girl you booked.

Happy punting!
Couldn't you just refuse to pay if the girl that shows up isnt the one pictured?

Well, it depends. Some places have a cancellation or change fee. Some places will blackball you if you walk on a girl. The reason they use fake pics in the first place is because it works. Especially in Japan, a horny guy sitting there, on the clock, in a love hotel is less likely to send a girl away even if she's nowhere near the girl pictured by the time they send another girl, who may or may not be better, his time in the hotel might already be up.

This is why 95% of the time I base my decision not only on their site but also their reputation (reading reviews of the girl and the agency). Since this page appears to just be an advertising page for a bunch of different girls, I wouldn't trust it as a 'source', and would probably use the girls phone number or email address to see if there's any reviews of her out there.

As mawjav said, try to avoid those places completely, and walk or send the girl away if she's not as advertised.
Agreed. Also, if you do decide to go 'off the reservation', I would recommend walking around the usual areas (Gotanda for example) and asking if you can enter. Chances are if you get in you can check the pricing and girls and make a decision.

As they say, "If you've got the balls to hire and escort, you should have the balls to try the native places as well."