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Facebook & Dating


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Jun 21, 2010
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Is the use of Facebook healthy for dating? (or other online communicaiton methods?)

Personally, I don't think so!

At first it seems like a good idea talking to someone without having to commit to actually seeing them. However, that lack of access to the real life interaction can be a turnoff. Even if you're dating the person and you start chatting frequently online, doesn't that kind of ruin the later dates? You've got nothing to talk about... nothing interesting to say as you've said it all online. It is also really easy to turn someone down online than it is to do it in person. Even if you know eachother in person -- if you want to start dating, cut the internet chatting down to a minimum.

What have been your experiences with online chatting via Facebook or other chatting methods?

Had any good or bad experiences with combining Facebook with dating?
Is this a serious question or are you just trolling today???

The obvious answer is that it has the POTENTIAL to kill off certain classes of relationships! It varies from relationship to relationship and the maturity of the people involved. Remember, some of the 30-40 year old gaijin in Japan tend to act like snobbish 15 year old high school girls. Oh yes, I do have some stories... white girls in Japan have it hard compared to other Asian gaijin!

I stay as far away from Facebook as humanly possible. It's a trap and you get sucked into all of the bullshit that goes along with it. Ever see that South Park episode?!
Man, Facebook is a nightmare if you have a jealous bf or gf. It's not worth the trouble sometimes, people can be so shallow.

I *do* have a Facebook account, it's locked down to really close friends and family. That's my primary way of communicating and sharing events with people back home. I don't even tell people I have a Facebook account so I don't have to deal with "Hey! Add me to your facebook!"

IMHO, keeping your dating out of Facebook. Long term relationships are probably okay as long as you and your other half are secure in the relationship.

It never ends well when you have a controversial ex on your Facebook.
Facebook is just the adult version of MySpace, I guess. The only problem is that all of those bad habits from those teenage years carried right over into adulthood.

Right now, there's some poor dude dealing with his wife and issues with his friends on Mixi. Sounds harsh from this end... wonder if something happened?!

So with the dawn of technology, we are given a whole new arsenal of tools to aid us in the battlefield that is modern dating. We have texting, phones that make us available anywhere, Twitter, and most useful (yet at the same time lethal): Facebook.
Facebook is a fantastic thing. It allows us to post our favorite things, chronicle our social lives, and waste a whole lot of time. We can connect with people who we wouldn