February 2011 Thread

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Sep 24, 2009
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February 1 - Marks the end of one HELL of a month. :mad:

Lots to rant about this month! Just need sleep first....

I hope 2011 is not another crazy year, I need some peace.

I'm glad tomorrow is a holiday, I'm beat.

Hope you guys are doing ok, everyone has been really quiet this month so far.

Hey Mike... good to see you. :)

Let's see here...

I have been busting my tail at work...
Been sick... twice...
Traveled on work related matters... twice...
Dealing with idiot semi-new-bf...
Helping a j-girlfriend who broke off her engagement with some other j-man/asshole...
Valentine's Day - complete suck.

That about covers it.

Hating my life right about now. :angry:
K-girl! Finally! Nice to see you posting again! I know we've been bouncing texts back and forth, just nice to see you here again. :D

Lately, I have been very busy as well. Seems like we have picked up a sudden increase in work due to new contracts starting from Jan. 1. I guess I missed that memo...

In fact, we have all been busy, I think! Eliah has a new project that just started earlier this month. A friend of his asked for help, so he's kind of wrapped up in that. Not much else is going on, just the usual routine.

Text me again later, I could persuaded to go out into the cold if you want later this week.
Thanks Chris! It feels good to be missed, haha. I'm working ~14-15 hours days right now, I'll give you a buzz when I think I can be free again. Company is starting a mandatory no OT day each week, in March. So, that's one guaranteed day off on-time per week.

Oh, some of my crazy family is coming to Japan for Cherry Blossom season. JOY! (not!) I'm researching hotels now, since there is no way in hell they are staying with me. >:E
It's Friday and you should be posting, I know some of you are slacking off today.

Catching a Nozomi Shinkansen back to Tokyo in about 30 minutes or so. Going to try and get back to Tokyo in stealth mode so I can avoid telephone calls, I'm travelling alone this time!

Where were you today Chris? You neglected to mention WHERE you were returning to Tokyo from. By my womanly deduction, I'm guessing Osaka?

It's a girls night for me tonight. Once 5:30pm gets here, I will be out the door and on my way to a nail appointment. Then, home to clean up and change clothes. We're going to hit Gonpachi in Shibuya at around 8:30pm. We'll make plans from there, probably staying in Shibuya for the night, I think.

Weekend will be mostly sleep and ignoring my phone. 3 hours 10 minutes to go.

You sensed correctly! I'm almost back to Tokyo and looks like I can slip away for the rest of today.

I may or may not be back here again today, I plan on taking a nap before heading out tonight.

Hope you have a good night Karen!
Well February sucked!

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