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Kadoebi [SL] Feel Like a King at Lounge Yoki


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May 12, 2024
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Feel Like a King at Lounge Yoki

Soapland Name:
Lounge Yoki

Soapland Provider Name:

Soapland Website:

Appointment Length & Costs:
90min at ¥55,000

Booking Method:

Date of Encounter:
May 2024

Incall Soapland Provided Room

Language Notes:
Japanese Only

Narrative of the Encounter:

I've been on a mongering journey since arriving in Japan, if you'd like to follow my reviews and thereby my mongering development chronologically (though the reviews might not be published in order) the story so far is: Tobita Shinichi, Kyoto N-cats, Rocket Wife, Asian Feeling and lastly, this one, Lounge Yoki.

I realize that my reviews are growing gradually more unhinged, sorry not sorry LoL.
Language note 99% Japanese and 1% English, the girl spoke very limited english and I don't think you'd have as much fun if you weren't able to communicate.

I wake up and think to myself:


"Today is the day I claim my birthright and ascend to the throne of Japanese Adult Entertainment, the Luxury Soapland"

Having travelled to Lounge Yoki before, but failed in something as simple as drawing out enough cash for the transaction, I had made sure to obtain the neccessary payment the day before. All was well and good except for my courage, which wasn't feeling very kingly right then and there. After pacing around the block, sitting random places and looking like an idiot for around 1 hour and wondering how the hell an innocent everyday hentai addiction turned into a mongering spree in Japan I finally consult the most important kingly equipment that I have:


"What do you think, my first and eternal friend?"


"Are you a man or a pussy? Do it faggot"


"A fairer and truer sentence hath never been spoken"

And so I enter the store. It's situated directly behind a police box (oh, the irony) and the entrance is rather clearly marked with signs. There's an elevator just behind a slight partition and the buttons are also marked with "Lounge Yoki" for the 4th floor. As I exit the elevator I am greeted by a Valet, I turn the corner to a reception area and magically there are already a pair of slippers my size waiting for me. As usual, being expected to wear slippers on my way to pound a random wench like Grond at the walls of Minis Tirith immediately puts me in a jovial mood. The Valet asks me if I've been there before, I reply in the negative, he translates something on his phone from japanese to english and shows me the prices 55,000 Crowns for 90min and 67 000 Crowns for 110min and using his own words to impart the ever important rule: "cash only". I have arrived around 11:25 and the site and information inside displays 55 000 for 90 min only available 10-12, but I wonder if those 90min are not by far their most popular course and perchance offered at all times of the day as collaborated by another review here, though someone else will have to test that, be they curious. Anyho, I signal my agreement and is then escorted into the waiting room where I greet the Tenchou, pictures of the waiting room are available on their site and it is quite comfortable with six white two-man sofas aligned as in a cinema with the price and drink list in front of you on a table and a slideshow of the wench selection playing on a loop projected onto the wall. I will note that the employees are smartly dressed in white shirt and a vest. I had equipped a fine shirt on this day to minimize the chances of being promptly ejected from the premises, but I will say I noticed three other japanese men in the waiting room that looked approximately like this:


The rules might be different for Gaijin, but it seems your finest robes are not required to patronage the establishment.

Soon enough the Tenchou comes to kneel by my side and bathe in my kingly splendor
(and he really does kneel)


"My Lord, I beseech thee, we have but one girl available now, doth she meet your standards?"

The Tenchou presents a card, not only laminated, but inserted into some sort of thin plastic frame, the card displays the sizes of the woman and her portrait, flipping the card around shows a photo of the girls… Asset… as well


My god, even the cards here are luxurious... sigh I was originally planning to come at opening time to have my pick, such is the cowards toll

"It pleases me my good sir, I shall indulge for ninety minutes"

Money changes hands as they should, with no foreigner tax imposed upon me, which delights me to no end. The Tenchou also promptly brings me my drink, iced tea, alongside a selection of biscuits and a damp towel to wipe my hands in. I will note that he asked me how I knew of the shop, I replied that I had heard about it from a friend and I recommend and ask that the rest of you do the same, should you decide to visit.

After a short time, where most of the wait was probably time given to the other customers that had entered just before me to find their rooms, I was escorted to meet my companion for the evening and found her kneeling by the bottom of the stairs. I wondered briefly if my Valet escort had multi-classed into Ninja as he had seemingly disappeared into thin air at the same time, or maybe it was just because I was stricken by the beauty of my companion, the pictures doing her justice for once.

"Your grace, it is my pleasure and honor to accompany you today"


Hums approvingly

"The pleasure is all mine, come let us be off"

We link arms as she shows and guides me the way up the stairs and to the room, it is slow going as I don't know where we are going but she refuses to walk in front of me. I do think it would be suitable for her to take the lead in this situation, though neither do I mind the huge amounts of fodder to my ego for providing me with the illusion that I am leading us, and frankly I enjoy the build-up. I am slightly sad to un-equip the particular type of japanese slippers at the door that I am now only capable of connecting with adult entertainment but I lighten up at the thought of being reunited with them later. The room is neat and clean with tiles coating most of the area in either black or white with towels strategically placed on top of the bed, in neat piles by the bed and by the entrance to the bathing area to prevent slippage. There is some very low volume contemporary music playing in the background which I only notice at some point as I relax deeply during mat play, but it is otherwise unintrusive, which I like. I will note that the bed was slightly too short for my 190cm, which I believe is around 6'2" in eagle tears, though not really a problem unless I insisted on stretching out to my full length which is completely unnecessary.

I sit on the bed and the girl kneels in front of me, we do the usual introductions and I present Mariya with my box of King Condoms™ and implore her to use them later. She helps me disrobe and I would like to take a moment to reveal that the interaction with her so far has been limited but very positive. She is very cute, her hair is slightly damp signalling she just had a bath (I do love dirtying girls right after they cleaned themselves), and is in general smiling a lot and touching a lot in the way someone courting you might. Seeking to hold your hand in hers, brushing against your arms and similar. While she wasn't interested in deep kissing, nor did kissing seem her favorite thing, that might be just be because I wasn't aggressive enough as I am still learning the rules and costumes of these things. But besides this, the lover experience was perfect in touch and demeanor, it pleased me greatly. She also responded positively to my touch and simple things like lightly tracing my nail across her back.

We play gently with each other and are intimate, I ask her for permission to take off some of her clothes as well and I remove it promptly upon confirmation. Her face is fit for a painting, her hair is flowing and voluminous with an ever so slight curl making it come alive, she is very well proportioned with an aesthetic japanese standard sized bosom adorned with beautiful buds, she is slender and curvy in the right places with an absolutely mad waist to hip ratio. She is still kneeling in front of me and uses her mouth skillfully and soon asks me to get on the bed, where she continues. In this regard she is the queen of Japan to me and manages to take my Golden Scepter half-way without so much as strafing me with her teeth. I bask in the pleasure and enjoy myself for a while but realize that I am probably not gonna experience rapture from this particular act, and that I probably only have one shot in me today, so I ask for us to move onto the mat. She lets me rest in the bed for a while and directs me to the perverts throne. I will note a luxurious thing is that the throne is draped with fresh towels that are then drenched in warm water so that one sits on a warm towel when sitting down. She washes me, skilfully using her womanly assets to wash my limbs and her limbs to wash my assets. I am then directed to the bath-tub while she prepares the nuru nuru gel. I should note that we are having pleasant conversation all the while, the exact topics escape me, but smiles and laughter abound.

I am directed to the mat and she once more plays with great skill. I have little experience but I'd rate it above average, though still no "technical fighting dicklock" which I've been dying to experience, though you might churn that out to the size difference as there are around 30cm and 30kg separating us. I especially enjoy the feeling of the rather prominent rose buds adorning her bosom as they caress all parts of my body. She also uses her mouth to inspect my kingly Assets thoroughly, I'm not sure that I'm a particularly keen, but neither am I averse to it. She proceeds to ask me to flip where her mouth soon once more seeks out my Golden Scepter, which is quite pleasing, after some more of this fun I ask to move us back to the bed. Apparently a shower is not needed for the transition and I soon find myself receiving even more care and attention from her mouth on the bed. I remark that I'd like to get to the main event, my Japanese fails me here as my blood is seemingly used to power something that isn't my brain, but the tried and true hand sign for "intercourse" never fails. At the same time I somehow manage to convey the less important but more fun:


(Note: I'm writing out this particular part in japanese as it happened, I find that charm is lost in translation to english)

"Dare ga Nuru Nuru gel o kangaetta? Atama wa hountouni okashii jyanai?"


Giggles in the cutest way imaginable while nakedly and slipperily about to mount my kingly scepter

"Hountouni okashii dana~~, haha~"


"Demo, maa, tensai jyanai mou?!"

It takes a little while for the logistics to work out, but Mariya soon manages to sheathe the entirety of my scepter and starts riding me. I'd like to note that Mariya has appropriately moaned multiple times for the duration of our playtime and gasps for air after particularly long and deep taste-testing, which is probably acting but made me feel good anyway. This continues to either some actual orgasms or otherwise the most convincing fake ones I've ever seen/felt (I don't want to know the truth and I didn't ask) as she softly moaned "iku" and clamped down rhythmically and forcibly slowed our movement down. We stay in cowgirl for the duration, this is also my favourite position as I can move quite easily if I want, see everything and touch everything. The entire lovely thing is enough to destress me quite suddenly, violently and pleasantly and Mariya once more makes the appropriate noises and is in no hurry to get off me and comes down for a hug to let me bask in the glory of it all. Though I signal the end soon enough, after all it is also imperative to remove the protective coating from the scepter before it is too late and becomes irrelevant. And now for one of the most luxurious parts of all, she once more skillfully applies her mouth to clean and polish the scepter one last time, which is a very nice touch. I am allowed to bask silently in the glory of my accomplishment and draped in more towels to keep warm while she puts the play area back as it was and prepares me for another washing. Of course we chat and laugh some more, as we have for the entire session, and I shall keep these topics to myself for today except for one other fun tidbit


"So, is your reason for this trip to visit the Soaplands?"


"… No, but my next trip might have to be..."


Mariya displays the cutest giggle, smile and thumbs up that I have ever had the good fortune to rest my weary eyes upon


Hmmmmm…. If I still had a heart it would surely have been healed by that

She also takes this opportunity to run her hands across my kingly chest which I decide to tense in the fashion, pattern and rhythm of a male escort which delights her. All those hours in the gym weren't for nothing. The bell rings while I dry myself off and I ask for the meaning of the bell, apparently here it signals the exact end of playtime, which I double check on the watch and it seems about right. In any case there is no rush and there is apparently another customer in the way, so I take a seat on the bed and she kneels in front of me once more, we do some more hand holding and simple intimate stuff while talking a bit before I'm allowed outside. I am offered the bathroom which I accept, and even though there are wipes in there to dry my hands Mariya still waits and offers me a damp towel when I come back outside. I think to myself that the only things more luxurious would be if they wiped me as well, though considering how she had used her tongue just one hour earlier I suppose the service had already far surpassed that level. As I leave she kneels by the entrance and the Tenchou offers me a shoehorn and takes my bag while I equip my shoes.

The last thing I see as wait for the elevator doors to close is the top of the Tenchous perfectly bald head as he bows in one last gesture of politeness.

Review Independence: Was this review requested by the Soapland?:
No, this review was written without a request from the Soapland or their provider.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, May Repeat.

Closing Comments:
What is there to say?
The experience is perfect in every way from the customer service to the actual service.
The room was luxurious and the quality of the girl was top-notch.

I don't see how you could go wrong coming to Lounge Yoki and while I am yet inexperienced I'm not sure I believe that service can be better at the well reviewed places like Hisyo and Segretario, the prices are approximately the same too, but without foreigner tax (67,000 for 110min at Yoki and around 77,000 at those places for 120min).
And here we have a 90min option which I feel is particularly good value, at least for a one-shot wonder like me.

I write "may repeat" because my time here is limited, but I could see myself becoming a regular if I lived here.

Go forth, Kings.
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You’re welcome, by the way. 😅
Haha, i did a series of like 5 reviews in the style, i did credit you in the first on which is on rocket wife, as i was indeed inspired by your style!

I didn't mean to offend and I merely hope to entertain 😁

Not quite - at least our beloved Caramel Face Painting Jizz Demon doesn't use cringey shite anime screencaps as graphics in his reviews.
I've spent considerable time creating this and other reviews to contribute and to entertain, if you don't like the style that's fair but at least keep your insults to yourself
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I've spent considerable time creating this and other reviews to contribute and to entertain ripping off someone else's style
Fixed that for you.
Fixed that for you.
I wrote these reviews in a few days on a spree a few weeks ago, there'll be one coming out this batch or the next mentioning that I look up to you @Sudsy, you've provided a ton of useful ressources and help on TAG and by proxy to me. I'm sad that you'd choose to continously put me down rather than acknowledge my contribution.

@Cinnabums and @requiemmorrow, I've also been looking up to you, I've read a ton of your reviews and comments while I've been researching and playing in Japan, a huge thanks for all your work, making it all possible and inspiring me!

I'm honoured that you've all gathered in my post on Lounge Yoki and I'd like to interact on friendly terms with all of you
While @HentaiSensei adapted @requiemmorrow's original style - I give him more credit for actually making the review more visually appealing.
1000x better than these 2-3 line reviews that we get that took zero effort in both content and creativity.
I'm sad that you'd choose to continously put me down rather than acknowledge my contribution.
To be clear - I used to work in a creative field, and appropriating someone else's look/style is something that I find to be in extremely poor taste.

Credit where credit is due, at least you did credit Req in your other post.