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Finding Latin Women


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Mar 7, 2013
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Does anyone know where or how to meet Latin / S. American women around Tokyo? I mean non-P4P.

Could you list a couple? If I knew of some Brazilian bars I wouldn't have posted the question. A google search has only given me Brazilian restaurants in Tokyo, not bars. Unless that's what you're referring to.
Here's a few from a JP Google search. Some are bars, some restaurants, some seem to be something in-between. Maybe someone can recommend one from this list. If not, sounds like adventure time! :)
It is not my scene, but a couple of years ago there used to be one in Ebisu, which was full of genki nissei Brazilians and similar people, so I am sure they are around. I meet some Brazilian niseis sometimes and will ask them.
Thanks! Anything you could find out would be greatly appreciated. I used to know of a Columbian bar in Okubo, but that shut down years ago. Not to mention back then I was strictly into Asian women. Lately I've felt the need for a change of flavor.
Many years ago there use to be a very nice Bar/restaurant/Club/live house in Roppongi called Acaraje, but it had closed down, I have not been living in Tokyo the last years so i am kind of out of the night life scene over here. Does anyone know of maybe another Brazilian place like Acaraje? Is that place in Ebisu still active?