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Apr 16, 2014
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Hello guys,

Like I said on my intro. I will be in japan in June for two weeks...

Want to try asian women ;)! Specially japanese...

What would you recommend me as a first experience and taking into account I'm no resident and will be there for two weeks?

Soapland? Escort? Going out to pick up girls?

I speak a little japanese but I don't think it would be enough as to call myself fluent..

Thanks in advance
Soapland is the most uniquely Japanese experience among the options you mention.

Lots of important variables of course - your budget, your age and looks, your game, how much personal interaction beyond the sex you want, your Japanese ability...doesn't have to be even close to fluent to be useful, etc etc.

I'm 25 caucasian... And i speak japanese probably at a 20 percent...

My budget would be around 30 000...

Well i don't have put much thought on the budget... I'm thinking this probably as a once in a lifetime experience... So probably once at a soapland or escort service...

And maybe once or twice fo to hinomaru to try it too