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Y-Shirt (SL) First SL Encounter with Natsume


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Apr 2, 2024
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First SL Encounter with Natsume

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Appointment Length & Costs:
90 mins - 32k (27k base + 5k gajin tax?)

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Date of Encounter:
May 2024

Incall Soapland Provided Room

Language Notes:
English/Japanese Mix

Narrative of the Encounter:
Young, non-white USA solo traveler that found TAG a week or so before my departure. Low sexual experience aside from a few times receiving oral from college parties. Lost my V-card to an Asian beauty in Tobita Shinchi and got a better experience at Matsushima Shinchi after shaking off the nerves from the first time. No Japanese skills whatsoever besides everyday phrases.

Staff and Payment
Began the morning with a fresh shower and breakfast before making my way around 11am to Y-Shirts. I read that walk-ins can be rough, but decided to wing it anways. There were about 8 options for me, but I was wanting to see Michiru or Ren so I informed them that I will come back later and they obliged. Came back around 1pm and my top choices were not available sadly. I am more of an oppai lover so I settled with Natsume after seeing her measurements and I recalled from reviews that she can speak some English which I would come to appreciate. Paid 32K for 90 mins and waited to be called.

When I first saw Natsume, I took notice that the pics made her look younger and more bustier. Chalked it up to that's just how the scene is played when picking from pictures online. Otherwise, she was very energetic and giggly as she took my hand upstairs. The room was an fine: Empty tub in the corner, mat was leaned against the wall, bath stool in the middle, and a bed by the door.

Things started off routinely as what was read in previous SL reviews. She started with some chatter as she helped me undress and continued conversing as she made the soap mix. Maybe because my first experiences in the scene were from Shinchi girls but I was feeling a little impatient as I was being washed. There I am at full mast, feeling up every nook and cranny of the girl and I am more than ready to go. But instead, I let things continue as is and just keep chatting about my travels and stuff. We go to the bath with more teasing and this time I ask for a HJ with DFK which she obliges. We move out the tub to another round of washing and drying and then finally she gives me a BBBJ. It wasn't bad but not soul sucking like back in Matsushima (even when they did it with a condom!).

We move to the bed and I can barely contain my excitement here. She lays herself onto me and starts with some more DFK as my hands explore as much they want to. She then start kiss me everywhere as she moves down and does another BBBJ. Eventually she slides the cap on with her mouth and begins CG. The saving grace here was that she definitely felt tight to me and I was really feeling the pleasure of having her. This went on for a few minutes, with her adjusting herself and me matching her rhythm. Her moans and compliments on my junior definitely stroked my confindence here. I noticed she was slowing down right when I starting to feel it so I asked to switch to missionary. There I put myself to work and tried exploring different things to see her reaction. I am still new to this so I was pretty determined to at least give some satisfaction back to my partner. This went on for a bit and as I was getting up close to give her more kisses around her neck/collar area, she pulls me in and leg locks me. And goddammit, I cannot stress enough on how that leg locking is my kryptonite. I was doing a pretty good job holding it in from the start of all this and I barely lasted a minute when she did that. But that release felt amazing, especially when she pulled tightly one last time, as if to squeeze out just a little bit more out of me lol.

After the cleanup, she laid her bare legs over my lap and talked to me more about places I have traveled here and outside of Japan. It was a nice way to end things...even though I wanted to go again before the last 5 minute call.

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No, this review was written without a request from the Soapland or their provider.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, May Repeat.

Closing Comments:
So I would recommend Natsume if really lack Japanese skills but it cannot be stressed enough that if you do not learn the language, you tend to be turned away/not offered the entire cast of options. And if you do get options, you most likely will pay a higher amount than others (at least in my short experience here). Also, if you are introverted like me, you are gonna have to get out of your comfort zone and ASK for what want (within reason of course). The session only turned around for me when I started requesting things from Natsume and she obliged.

Regarding SLs, I am on the fence with them. Again, maybe due to my first experiences being in Shinchi districts, I was more antsy and eager to begin instead of wading through the washing/bathing routine. The gajin tax also doesn't help. I would probably be more willing to go again if they removed that tax but a man can only wish.
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Approved: 6/8/2024
Did you have enough time for both bed and Mat play with 90 minutes? It reads like it went pretty fast
Did you have enough time for both bed and Mat play with 90 minutes? It reads like it went pretty

First time with Natsume, there was not but my second time at Y-Shirt with Anri there was. Probably to me now knowing what to expect/not wait around and jumping right into things